Mergui Islands Myanmar

Myanmar Mergui Islands

Sail from the southern tip of Myanmar to explore the peaceful and pristine islands of Mergui. Mergui Archipelago Cruising With a welcome beverage, the ship sails to Barwell Island to the north-west of Kawthoung, the south tip of Myanmar. There, you can either stay on the shore or go to the pool before supper and have another glass of water on the ship. Have a cozy breakfasts and float before the ship begins its journey to island 115, a place often visited by Moken seagypsies, semi-nomadic tidal travelers who survived through fish, trade and barter.

The Mid Group of Islands is reached in the afternoons. There will be a sailing trip to the thick mangroves on island 88 before an evenings bath and an impressive supper, if there is enough spare there. We will take you to the small town on Nyaung Wee Island, where you can see the small lake gypsies population.

We continue to Great Swinton Island after midday for a stroll through the coast jungles and along a large, expansive sandy shore, usually littered with lovely Mussels. It will also be tempting to go to the Buddha School, go snorkeling in clear water and watch the sunset onboard. In the early hours of the day we went to Ohway Island for the best snorkeling and angling in the island.

In the afternoon, drive to Jar Lann Kyun and drop anchor in his large and imposing fiord before seeing horned birds in the mangroves at nightfall and enjoy supper on the boat. A long drive to Za Det Nge Island is worth the effort with heavenly coves, sandy shores and the opportunity to take a walk on the just as pretty Rhino Island.

This is a cosy and relaxing days on the shore, ending with a delicious goodbye meal onboard. We' ll take the boat out to sea early and return to Kawthaung. While admiring the landscape, go on board and make your way back to the airfield, enjoying a relaxed and relaxing bridge lunch onboard.

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