Mergui Islands

ergui Islands

Mergui Islands Cruising Though it will never be cheaper to travel the Mergui Islands by sea, there are some possibilities for a number of bags. We' ve boarded some of these boats and have some really magic proposals for your sail adventures in this secluded, absolutely worth seeing area. The Mergui Archipelago has over 800 islands off the shores of South Burma in the Andaman Sea, and as the few travelers who have dared to travel there with their stories of paradise are returning, they become a must for connoisseurs.

As Condé Nast and The Sunday Times begin to share the mystery, it's fast approach. Approximately 795 of the islands are uninhabited, at least most of the times, unless a Moken familiy (Sea Gypsy) has settled there for a while. There is always waterski ing or jetbiking for the excitement seeker (if you are on a sufficiently large yacht).

It is the ultimative adventure to rent a Superyacht like Dunia Baru. We' ve rented this boat to spend several months sailing from Indonesia to be in Mergui for some of ours. Some (!) other large boats can be crewed in these areas.

They provide a cruising adventure for every discoverer; from luxury power boats to unwind on, to elegant cruising boats to sit down and help out on. A few of the boats we can provide include: You don't want to rent an entire ship? So, make a reservation for a cab on a yachting and enjoy sharing your trip with other like-minded travellers.

A 5-night cruise around Mergui Abord Meltemi, Meta IV or Raja Laut. While we like the thrill of reversing last-minute trips, we need a 3 week notice period if you want to come to Mergui to handle your specifics.

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