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Scuba Diving in Burma: Diving safari off the well-worn paths This is why we like diving in Burma: Take a look at our 4 Burma cruise itineraries and choose the one that suits you best: Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is the place to be if you want the most amazing Burma diving to be. Diving is like never before with beautiful cave, corals, soft corals, amazing animal life and exquisite diving spots.

Burma's Mergui Archipelago has over 800 archipelagoes dotted with over 12,000 sq km of crystal clear water just waiting to be sighted. The majority of scuba diving in Burma seeks the secret seas of the Mergui Archipelago. Situated off the well-trodden paths, this dive site consists mainly of lime (there are many caverns and tunnels) and a few granitic rocks surrounded by a great variety of coral of wonderful colour.

Scuba diving Burma gives you the opportunity to meet all kinds of fish such as mantas, barracuda, frogfishes, crabs of all kinds (spider crayfish, ornamental crayfish, sea horses and all kinds of prawns (harlequin is my favourite, I also like to meet prawns and...). Myanmar (Burma) is the best diving period of the year between November and May, May to November is the wet seasons and can present harsh sea.

can be reached almost entirely by boat, which is the most efficient way to explore the outskirts of the Mergui archipelago. Burma is the only base from which Myanmar cruisers leave from Ranong in Thailand and Kawthoung in Myanmar, as they are on the Myanmar coast.

It' a great basis to relax and explore for a few nights before you join your diving safari to Burma. Diving in Burma all the while, our diving teachers are best informed about the area and the good places. On the Burmese diving sites, what do you see?

Can you dive in Burma? Two major dive sites exist in Myanmar (Burma): Mergui Archipelago and the Burma Banks. Mergui Archipelago has become very much alive in recent years and attracts scuba diving enthusiasts who want to see the variety of its archipelago and see a broad spectrum of sea creatures and coral.

The Burmese diving paradise definitely has something for every scuba divers and gives you the chance to take a look at some of the wildlife that you won't find anywhere else in the world. When huge calcareous cliffs and sparse scenery are your thing, go to spots like Black Rock, a popular dive site encircled by cliffy shores; High Rock, a small islet encircled by a cliffy cliff; and Tower Rock, consisting of huge cliffs adorned with coral and shellfish.

When you' re looking for colour, you' ll be spending some quality leisure pursuits to explore the Mc Leod Islands' rich coral and vivid colours; or drive to Seafan Woods to see the gorgeous lilac coral above and the huge sea fans below. The three islands that make up Shark Cave are full of colourful and thrilling creatures, among them various types of prawns, which I think are the coolest: hardcore prawns, mantis prawns and tapisserie prawns, but also sea horses and spookpipes.

The unbelievably clear waters of North Twin Island make even the biggest game viewing simpler and more amazing, as they regularly spot eagles and manta ray in addition to large shoals of them. Opposite, the grass-covered South Twin Island mounds and large cliffs are hidden under long submerged stretches through which you can div.

Not only is Western Rocky the most southern diving site in the land, it is also one of the most beautiful. When you like to delve deeply into the mysteries of the submarine passageways, you will like the one who walks through the centre of the islands and lets you into their hearts.

Burma Banks: Correct a misunderstanding..... Burmese banking is astonishingly popular in comparison to the Mergui Archipelago, due to the fact that Thai submarines were able to enter Burmese banking (in foreign waters) much sooner than in the Mergui Archipelago and some diving centers and journals use this name in their communications (even today).

Burmese benches were first seen between the 1980s and 1990s and were renowned for seeing a shark at that point, but like most world-sharking communities, there are no longer 100 of them and we believe that the long passage to the Burmese benches is not really rewarding anymore, so we focus on the Mergui Archipelago, which was opened in 1997 and is much more diverse.

Burma Banks are a big submerged peak about 180 kilometres northwest of the Similan Island, far away from everything else and encircled by shallow waters, it provides real open sea diving, which is not everyone's thing.... What's good about Burma Banks: 1. who dares to go into the banks will be awarded with good views over huge submarine mounts, which can reach up to 15 metres under the sea, down to 300, if one is fortunate to see a big shaf, one will pass it

It' s different from diving in Thailand and the Mergui Archipelago because the waters are so shallow that you can see deep-sea species....Why we don't like going to Burma Bank 1. There is no diving near the Burmese shores and there are no diving spots in the area, so you have to stay there all morning. 3. if you are not (mostly) fortunate enough to see the big things pass by, there is not much reef activity, the scenery is quite unattractive and the deepness of the diving spots makes the bottom season quite brief.....

Scuba diving in Myanmar (Burma) is good from November to May with high seasons from January to March. In December the temperature is 26°C and in April it reaches 28°C. It is always difficult for us to say: When is the best period for a trip, each of the six months has a special feature, at the beginning of the summer you can see for example more octopus pairing and at the end a flowering of spooky pipefish.

It rains from May to October, when the ocean can be quite perilous and we are shut down. With them I went on a 4-day Thailand journey from 25 November and on an 8-day Mergui Archipelago journey from 30 November 2014. They are extraordinarily nice diving spots.

Scuba diving Mergui Archipelago is still not a majorstream and I felt priviledged to be there. There were harlequin prawns, ghost pipefish, frogfish, 3 pieces of shark and many, many more - no diving was a disappointment. We were fortunate enough to have a mantra with us in Thailand. The Richelieu Rock was astonishing and we had fun above the sea - cetaceans swim near the ship.

It is simple but has everything you need for a diving tour.

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