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In the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar 2 small boat trips Lanpi Nationalpark - No Mergui Archipelago cruises are without Lampi Island; Lampi and its satellites are a Nationalpark that protect over a thousand kinds of unique creatures in its lush green forest, wildlife, sandy sand and seawater. A high point of the Lampi-Kreuzfahrt is the possibility to go by canoe through old forest of mongoose trees.

The off-shore Tar Yar Islands will take you to Myanmar where the waters are impossible to clear, and Ko Phawt will find more mangrove, horned bird and a remote Moken town. Canoeing on Boulder Iceland - Mergui Archipelago can take up to two nights in this unbelievable place. Boulder Isle has five breathtaking pristine sandy spots, with long off-shore cliffs for snorkel.

There are many walking paths in the inner part of the town, one of which leads to Eagle Rock, with a stunning panoramic view of the islands and the surrounding area. Situated south of the Lampi area, little Nyaung Wee Islands enchant the Mergui Archipelago visitor with a welcoming Moken settlement where you can think what it would be like to be in a hunter-gatherer group.

At Nyaung Wee you can take walks with native children or hike in the outback. Mergui Expeditions often stop in Great Swinton Island to fill themselves with freshwater on one of the longest and most stunning shores of the Mergui Archipelago.

Loughborough Island - cruising around the Mergui Archipelago visiting Lord Loughborough Island for another chance to see a Moken town against the scenery of a luxuriant verdant jungles. There is a spectacular fiord where your trip can be anchored; hear the horned birds in the mangrove area. Mergui Archipelago cruising offers the ideal blend of recreation and strengthening.

Some Mergui Archipelago cruise operators are offering specialised photo excursions accompanied by a qualified photographer while taking amazing pictures of Mergui's landscape, flora, fauna and fauna. Mammals - The Mergui Archipelago jungle is full of charming game. In Mergui, highly threatened pangolin (scaly anteaters) are still thriving.

ergui Birdlife - The tropic birdlife you see as small ships sail through Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is as wild, colorful and oddly formed as you can imagin. For a cruise on the Mergui Archipelago, the best period is between November and April. For a non-motorised adventure, the best season to sail the Mergui Archipelago is from December to February, when the wind is high.

The Mergui Archipelago boat trips in March and April are the best for snorkeling. From where do the Mergui Archipelago sailing trips start? The Myanmar Archipelago adventures start from the town of Kawthaung. You will find some of our tour companies in Rangon, a Thai town directly opposite Kawthaung. From the Myanmar capitol Yangon (One-Stop) or Dawe (direct) you can take a flight to Kawthaung.

Coming to Myanmar via Rangon, you can either take a flight from Bangkok to Rangon or take the Phuket stop. For your next Mergui Archipelago Myanmar Island tour, please call our reservation group.

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