Mergui Archipelago where to Stay

The Mergui Archipelago where you can stay overnight

Together with the rest of Myanmar, the archipelago is a thriving, culturally mature destination and is the perfect conclusion to any trip to Burma or Southeast Asia. Kawthaung is the most important seaport for sailing trips to the archipelago and is easily accessible by regular flights from Yangon. Untouched by the Western world. Untouched by the Western world. Untouched by the Western world.

In the Mergui Archipelago - 2 nights - 1 day

We' ll meet you after breakfasts to begin our archipelago exploration. The first snorkelling place is reached after about 1.5 h. We' ll try to get close to a fishermen' s vessel and buy the coolest fish for you. Departing along numerous islands, we arrive at our campsite in the early afternoons.

You' ll have enough free space to unwind and soak up the sun. In good weathers we will make a campfire for you. The breakfast is provided on the sea. We stop for snorkelling again on the way to Nyaung Mine Village. Unwind by sipping a cup of coffee on the shore.

The lunch is taken on the barge. The participant must provide his/her own data (copy of his/her identity card or passport) to the travel organiser at least 3 days before the start of the trip. There' s no toilets on the boats and on the beaches. There is no licence fee for the northern Myeik Archipelago.

If the Government of Myamar charges the fees, the Provider will notify the Client.

More than 200 rooms in Myeik Archipelago for the upcoming high seasons.

Over 200 rooms will be added in the Myeik Archipelago in the upcoming high seasons from October and November, said U Hlwan Moe, responsible for the Kawthaung District Directorate of hotels and tourism under the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitall. Moe said nine domestic and international corporations have been approved by the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) to build properties on 12 Myeik-Archipels.

Nyaung Oo Phee Island, Wa Ale Island, Hlainggu Island, Ngakhinnyogyi Island, 115 Island, Phoni Island, Balar Island and Thahtay Island will be new properties before this high seas. More than 800 archipelagos exist in the area, 140 of which are favourite with tourists and investment.

Mr U Hlwan Moe added that the area has had housing difficulties as the number of rooms in Myeik increases from year to year. Mr. Borg went on to say that the telecommunications barriers were one of the biggest challenge for travelers in the area. "Because of the bad season, the number of people arriving in the area has been reduced for the moment.

Obviously the number of national and international visits has risen in the last two to three years, especially on the Thuringyan holiday, Christmas, New Year and other important dates. A fast enrollment procedure allows day-trippers to travel to the islands after they have reported their journey to the relevant team.

That is one of the causes why the number of travellers in the area is growing. Prior to October 2010, day-trippers could only enter the area with the approval of the local authority. The present administration is developing several programs to improve the quality of travel by a commission set up by the Union administration in cooperation with the local governments to make the area a new tourist resort, said U Ohn Myint, Assistant General Manager of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism.

"It is planned to discover the Myeik Archipelago as a new tourist location. They will be carried out in cooperation with the Development Committee of the Taninthayi Region. It' s going to take a long timeframe to create the programmes on the archipelago, with a plan to allow only one type of company on each of them to preserve the nature," said U Ohn Myint.

U Hlwan Moe says the vast bulk of the current visitor numbers come from Thailand. Last year, according to officials, some 300,000 non-Swiss, 250,000 of them Thais, came to the area. In the first five of this year, the number of international guests in the area amounted to around 160,000, among them some Americans and those from the West.

The holiday-makers on the Myiek archipelago are very interested in ecotourism, said officers. A lot of the travelers are visiting the area on a regular basis. A number of foreign nationals stay in the area for up to 28 whole-weekends. In order to preserve the region's pristine nature, the Department has published Doss and Don'ts for tourists, with good solid wastes and security planning, U Hlwan Moe commented.

It is forbidden for the visitor to touch corals and take the mussels of marine gastropods.

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