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Sailing in Burma's stunning Mergui Archipelago, starting in Khao Lak. Mergui Archipelago Luxury Holidays Living like a native and get under the flesh of a tourist resort with our exclusive travel agent services. We will pick you up when you arrive at your holiday resort. Items can go awry; we are available around the clock to help when needed.

Living like a native and get under the flesh of a tourist resort with our exclusive travel agent services.

We will pick you up when you arrive at your holiday resort.

Sailing adventure Mergui Archipelago - ex Phoket

From Khao Lak, explore Burma on a fearless sailor' s paradise and immerse yourself in a water play area that is truly one of the best kept mysteries in the game. Whilst backpacker tourists, honeymoons and masses of day-spas flocked to the shores of Thailand and Bali, Burma's secluded Mergui Archipelago has been almost frostbitten since the early era of early British discoverers.

Hard to get to and off the beaten track, cruising through these archipelagoes gives you the opportunity to look back into a period before the advent of the web, telephones, comfort shops and even jeans, and to see the typical clothes, food and fighting skills of Burma's practically unspoilt cultura. You will be amazed by the richness of unspoilt coastlines, jungle woods and historic sites dating back to the Stone Age, and the spacious natives who wear a smile that will give travelers as much warmth as the ubiquitous sundown.

Maybe a little overslept from their loneliness, these are the faces that will undoubtedly trigger a touristic booming on these calm isles - so get in quickly before the crowd arrives. Since most of this voyage is on a sailboat, you need to enjoy the comfort of being on the ship, using steps included.

Zodiacs are used to carry people from the ship to the shore, landing both on the jetties (dry landings) and on the beach (wet landings). It is an experience aboard a genuine yachts, which means that accommodation, staterooms, bathrooms and shower facilities must be common with other people.

Sleep accommodations can be quite small, but you will spend most of your sleep overboard outdoors. Timing on the sea also means sunshine. Do not forget to wrap sunscreen, such as sunscreen and cap, and take lots of freshly squeezed sunscreen.

It is important to remember that a trouble-free trip depends on the prevailing conditions, which can result in last-minute changes to the route in adverse conditions. Because of the yacht sizes, the audio can be transmitted from one side to the other and awaken your passengers. Arrival is possible at any moment, as there are no scheduled events today.

Khao Lak has some great sandy spots and a number of shops, cafes and shops to offer if you get there early. What's great about yachting is that every single days is different, and while we have a goal to achieve when the climate changes or the group likes it, we are agile in our daily routine.

Then, take a long tail boot (about 30 minutes) to Kawthoung and stop briefly at a small islet for Thai and Myanmar migrants. Arrived in Kawthoung, see your captain and get on the plane for the next few weeks - Similie. Two very knowledgeable and well pronounced Myanmar leaders will also be on the plane.

The Myanmar tourist guidebook will take care of the visa and marine park fee procedures and once the process is completed, put the sails in place! Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago is an archipelago of about 800 islets, many of which are abandoned, making it an astonishing place. Calcareous rocks and the island's thick rain forest encounter extensive mangroves and pristine sandy shores.

I think we should get there just in advance for a fresh sundown. An exquisite Asiatic evening meal is prepared under the star for our first evening on the boat together. A few hrs northbound to Lampi Iceland this mornings, where you will get a foretaste of the town. Home to a Moken town, Ma Kyone Galet, Bo Cho is the biggest archipelago town in the south of Mergui.

Formerly a perpetual nomad and seafarer tribe, the Moken spend most of their lives on small wood vessels to fish for squids. In Myanmar, like many minority communities, most Moken were compelled to land in the 1990'. The Moken know Lampi Island as their mother. We' ll delve into the sound and attractions of the countryside and find out more about the Moken and the Myanmar tribe in this outlying area.

Meanwhile we have become part of the island. Departure back down southern and after having our breakfasts we sails 22NM to Nga Manu (Shark Island). A barbecue on the shore with sea food, chickens and salad and most of the day spent snorkeling in the sea. The Shark Bay provides the purest waters of the inner archipelago with some of the largest coral there is.

Sets sails to the 115 isles in the evening. It is so named because its summit is 115 meters high. Begin the outing with a leisurely hike through the jungles with the Nepalese tour guides. Maybe you will have the opportunity to see some of the native Moken-Fischer.

Sailing 25NM takes us via Myauk Ni Island to our next night anchor in the Barwell Chain of lndones. We' ll have a meal on the way and then the afternoons will be your last opportunity to pedal and float in the crystalline water of the Myiek Archipelago, which surrounds the isles.

Cruise before your last sundown to Thae Yae, the first stop and part of the Barwell Islands, where the last night's cruise anchors the group and tells tales of your astonishing journey to the archipelago. Kiss your chef and your captain goodbye and travel with your tour leader in a longtail to Thailand via Ranong.

You and your companions may have a last dinner in the evenings to commemorate this beautiful Myanmar yacht charter outing. Today there are no scheduled events and you can check out at any day before 10 am (checkout time). The above travel and distance information is only an approximation and is subject entirely to changes.

When making your reservation, please state the precise name of your valid first name and surname, as these are indispensable for the reservation of travel/service. Your personal data must be the same as your personal data. Travelers must add an extra 20 US$/day for Mergui Archipelago and a tourist visa of 30 US$.

EssenttialTripInformation provides a route description, visas, how to get to your accommodation, what is inclusive - just about everything you need to know about this quest and much more. The Mergui Archipelago Sailing Experience - ex Phaseet Tours reached an annual rating of 4. 85 out of 5, according to 54 ratings last year.

Mergui Archipelago is a country full of natural beauties and provides a precious glimpse into the impact of the tourist masses. Cross-check these with the most popular of Thailand's archipelago and you will see what Thailand was like 20 years ago. Mostly untouched and frequented by relatively few happy people.

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