Mergui Archipelago Tours

Archipelago Tours

Myanmar Islands Adventure Cruises Incredible journey, astonishing isles with flawless services - a must for everyone and every "bucket list". They were well-informed, inviting, kind and professionally trained. Dinner was tasty "a big brvo to the Chef". When I combed through the on-line forums, I decided to go to a Yangon business named Moby Dick because his emails were thorough and fast and I could always get it on Skype.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on a Burma archipelago ship with astonishing humans? Today, a year ago, I was on my way to meeting some beautiful humans for this magic experience.

Archipelago Tours

Situated in the southernmost part of the state on the Andaman Sea coastline of an Andaman Sea archipelago of over 800 enchanting islets, most of which have never been affected by tourism activity, it is not only a place for clean landscapes, but also a place for its Sea Gypsies, known as Born Divers national, as they are used to the outdoors, they can last much longer than most people.

There is a wide variety of animals on the islands, from monitors and phythons to hornbeaks and green dove. Lanpi Island: the most well-known of the islands counterpart for its abundant fauna, unspoiled natural environment and pristine waters. The 115 Island: perfectly packed full of pure pink powders and a great place for walking and jungling through the rainforest.

Moken Villages in Nyaung Wee Island: Hosts of a number of Moken villages in the area give you the chance to speak to the local people and get to know their distinctive cultur. The Myauk Ni Island: an isle where you can get together and converse with the salon, the Sea Gypsies. The Salon Festival is held on 16 February to encourage their way of living and that of the Mergui Archipelago as a traveler.

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