Mergui Archipelago how to get there

How to get to Mergui Archipelago

You can also take a local bus between Myeik and Kawthoung. The Mergui Archipelago on the inexpensive - Travelogue - Myanmar Forum From time to time you ask in this forums if you can see the 800 magic Isles and the astonishing Isles on the inexpensive....

... in a delimis... It is 3-400 km long, has no facilities, requires government approval to get to the best parts of the archipelago, and the only sure way is a diving safari.

However, there are some GEMS at the margins that are absolutely secure and do not require a license, which I will be happy to tell you about. Last year a small group of us explored the beach and the Dawei and southern isles. Mazagan Isles / Mid Miscos Isles.

They are open without permission, 20-30 isles really breathtaking. If you are staying on Moungmagan Bay, ask your guest house for your arrival, there are about 2.5 hrs on a large wood craft for those who go on excursions, which is very recommendable, as beautiful as the archipelago, but at a small part of the cost and open.

The 70m gold lying Buddha welcomes you at the water's border, there is no sand but the shrimp ranch is interesting. The Myeik migration became more relaxing in late 2014 and when you went down the landing stages to the migration bureau and asked if you would let a full days for Kala and Kadan Island (sometimes even more of a field), these are enormous and if you leave the other side of them, you get beautiful shores and good depth.

Dawei peninsular also boasts memorable and in many cases better sandy spots than the archipelago, and don't forget to keep them as nice as when you arrive, taking your garbage with you and respect the locals, as they are the real jewel of the area.

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