Mergui Archipelago Hotels

The Mergui Archipelago Hotels

Especially a new resort that debuts on a tropical island in the Mergui archipelago off the west coast of southern Burma. Andaman Club The majority of these isles are still undeveloped. Rhinoceros birds are crowding the island and bring life into the jungles. Even the timid Mokens seigypsies who are living there have not fully exploited the joy that these hidden isles have. Whilst the globe is shifting towards the primeval isles that host the intact wildlife of the globe, you cannot miss a trip to this unspoilt lake landscape of up to 10,000 sqkm.

From now on, the two hotels and hotels in the region - the Andaman Golf Course, a Thai businessman-owned restaurant and the Mynmar Andaman Estate owning a Burmese - are working to protect the islands' environmental appeal. Situated directly on the Thai-Htay-Kyu - Kawthaung Island frontier, this is 435 leagues from the capital Myanmar.

You can reach this resort by taking a plane to Kawthaung International and when you land, drive to Kawthaung Jetty, which is 7 mi from the Aiport. You can take a taxi to the jetty, from where you can drive to the motel for 30 mins.

Here you can admire a panorama of the Andaman seas, dive and fish. But the only disadvantage of attending the Andaman Clubs is that it is very expensive to get there, although it is definitely profitable. The Myanmar Andaman is a simple place on Macleod Island just outside Burma.

It is a first-class facility, designed to satisfy the needs of tourists looking for peace and quiet. Here you can sunbathe on the sparkling beaches and play an active role in the preservation of the wonderful natural beauty of Mergui by becoming involved in ecotourism at sea. It is so environmentally sensitive that it provides environmentally sound solutions that ensure that the island's ecosystems are not disturbed.

The Macleod (Fork) Isle is full of unpleasant surprises for you. You can snorkel, dive, kayak and fish on safer and more. This enchanting property offers a unique intimate cove with a long sandy beaches suitable for the occasion. The only two 5-star hotels and resort on the 800 islands, you can get filthy in the jungles and know you have a remote place to relax and enjoy yourself at the end of the game.

To remain in the archipelago and see some of it, the ultimative way is either a sail or a dive trip, which is usually carried out from Thailand. Short available dive trip is three day from Ranong with an inexpensive dive-board. The price varies from about 500,- U$ for the short term budgeted trips up to 2.000,- U$ for one weeksive.

Sailboats usually take you there for more than five or no more than 12 working nights. It is possible to combine a cruise with a dive, but a little difficult to organize, as a supercharger and other extra gear must be put on the sailboat.

The diving spots are also far apart and sailboats usually slow down a little.

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