Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago

Booking a private yacht charter and cabin only for sailing in Burma's stunning unspoilt Mergui Archipelago. In the shimmering waters of the Mergui Archipelago you will experience the divinity of relaxation and satisfaction. Myanmar's South Islands The Kyan Riviera (Thai: Mae-Nam Kra Buri) splits the Myanmar continent to the northeast and Thailand to thesoutheast. This is a small free economic area, mainly fuelled by the Thai economy. February 3, 2015.

January 28 - A Dive in Thailand After setting sails in Thap Lamu on the night of January 27, the scuba diver watched over Koh Bon for.....

January 17-24, 2015 *Air Temp. Yak DAIVE SITES: Sunday - Richelieu Rock Monday - Crayfish.... From October 2014, several instructors working on liveaboard diving have been reporting apparent indications of deep-sea fish on a regular basis. Particularly affected is the southern part, where the famed diving spots Western Rocky and Fan Forest Pinnacle are in.

Some of the divesites are shrouded in corpse grass..... All our visitors came around 5:30 pm and we were all curious about our new route. We' had our welcome plus the liveaboard brief and all of us..... In the Mergi Archipelago the most favourite tourism pursuits are snorkelling and canoeing.

Historically, these Mergui Islands could only be reached via the Rangong -South Thailand/Kaw Thaung/Borders. Tourer who wanted to see the capitol Yangoon and.....

4 Day / 5 Night Island Safari - Mergui Archipelago Tours

In the gleaming water of the Mergui Archipelago you will enjoy the divine pleasure of relaxing and contentment. On board the MV Sea Gipsy, this five-day quest begins in the busy port city of Kawthaung, where you can see, enjoy and discover various street-stores. As soon as you have entered the calm seas of the Mergui Archipelago, you will be pampered with breath-taking vistas, breath-taking sundowns, and relaxing under the sparkling starry nights.

When you leave Moken Village for Boulder Island, you will put out to sea with all your might. With each stop of your 5-day adventures you will have the opportunity to enjoy the marvels of the Indian Ocean while snorkelling, kayaking or paddling along the coast on a Long Taxi standing up paddleboard.

You' ll enjoy the heartbreakingly wonderful and wild views of the remotest parts of Myanmar. Boulder Bay Island offers you the opportunity to walk to breathtaking Eagle Rock, where you can enjoy memorable views of the untouched wild. On board the MV Sea Gipsy you will have tasty and thoroughly cooked dinner.

Our guides will pick you up at Kawthaung Airport, Ranong Airport or Ranong Pier and check you all in to make sure you are ready for the onset. The MV Sea Gipsy and her team are waiting for you at the Kawthaung Jetty.

When there is still enough sailing on the Sea Gispy, you have the chance to see the unique character of Kawthaung Sailport. Departing from Kawthaung, you will be transported by the gentle waters into the adventures and beauties of the Mergui Archipelago. On board the Sea Gipsy you have plenty of free space to relax in your own cab.

Celebrate the cruise and the fresh ocean breezes as the Seagypsy brings you to your first stop on Taung La Bo Isle. The picturesque isle is the ideal place for your first dive in the Indian Ocean. Allow yourself to be enveloped by the lovely waters as you swim in its untouched waters.

The Sea Gipsy leads you from the island of Taung La Bo to the wonderful island of Poni and then to the wonderful and secluded island 115, where you will have your first time. When you wake up on board the MV Sea Gipsy, you will be surrounded by the island's 115 attractions with more natural beauties than you can imagine.

Your second dawn begins as the rising starry sky over sparkling sea and magical views of the islands. You' ll begin your morning with breakfasts on board Sea Gipsy before leaving for Shark Isle. The name Shark lurks under the sea because of the sharply serrated form of the isle.

Turquoise water around Shark Island will invite you and the beautiful scenery is just below the seawall. You' ll have the opportunity to swim and snorkel, followed by a tasty meal. The third morning begins when the Sea Gipsy leaves for Moken Village, home of the Sea Gypsies.

Next we make our way with all our heart to the island Ba Wei, which is a high, steep and wonderful rock. Another way to explore the unspoilt Mergui Archipelago is to go swimming, snorkelling or paddling on a Long Time SUP (Stand Up Paddling Board).

The Sea Gipsy takes you from Ba Wei Island to Boulder Island, where the submarine marvels of Boulder Bay Reef are awaiting you to unveil their mysteries under the lovely sea. When the tide is right, you can also discover the rough beauties of the many thrilling walks and trekking tours on Boulder Island.

When you learn more about Boulder Bay, this unique place will be the crown gem of your journey to the Mergui Archipelago and a time in your lifetime to look back on. The 4th day you can go back into the Indian Ocean and go swimming, kayaking or snorkelling.

You' ll also be able to discover the unknown and wild jungle of Boulder lsland. Hiking across the islands, you will reach five breath-taking snorkeling or kayaking spots along the coast of Boulder lsland. Eagle Rock offers a spectacular and wonderful panoramic sea front overlooking Boulder Bay.

For the rest of the 4th leg, a short stopover on Myauk Ni Island for a fresh bath before Sea Gipsy will take you to Thu Yee Island on Barwell Channel for a tasty sundown. It is the scene for your last night aboard the Sea Gipsy.

On the last of your trip you will return to Kawthaung. Sea Gipsy will bring you back ashore at 9:00 am so you can get on a flight early in the mornings. Transfer from Kawthaung Airport or Airport/Pier Ranong to Kawthaung Steg, Mergui Archipelago Fee (license fees) $100.

They can obtain a specific type of visas for the length of their journey in Kawthaung. The Moby Dick Tours will take charge of the trial in Kawthaung. Combinations as entry to Myanmar in Yangon and departure to Kawthaung are possible without prior permission. There is no own cabins on the MV Sea Gipsy.

The MV Sea Gipsy offers room and stowage on the lower decks. Reservations will not be accepted until you have obtained prior notification in writing from Moby Dick Tours Co, Ltd. Moby Dick Tours Co, Ltd. reserves the right to sell the reserved seats if the remaining amount has not been paid in due course.

Both Moby Dick and its affiliates retain the right to alter the order of itineraries, annul or replace items in a schedule without prior notification if such changes are required by changes in regional circumstances (weather patterns, changes in flying times, tide etc.). The Moby Dick Tours Co. has the right to alter the travel programme due to bad atmospheric circumstances and in the interest of the passenger without refund.

Moby Dick Tours Ltd. will offer a reimbursement or a new journey upon receipt of payment, but no further reimbursement, in the unlikely event that Moby Dick Tours Ltd. has to cancel the same. In the event that the vessel is taken out of service during the voyage due to engine damage, collision or other causes preventing the use of the vessel by the client, Moby Dick Tours Ltd. will proportionately reimburse the voyage fee for the duration of the obstruction.

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