Mergui Accommodation

Mégui accommodation

Myanmar Dive Safari - Myanmar Cruises - Burma Dive Safari The Myanmar Andaman Resort is situated on Fork Isle ( "Macleod") in Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago, in the south of Myanmar (Burma) on the 10.10. latitude and 97.58' longitude and 40 nm from Kawthaung (Victoria Point) and Ranong, Thailand and 160 nm from Myeik (Mergui). The Myanmar Andaman Resort is developed to satisfy the needs of those who want to experience the beaches /islands beaches, sunny, sandy, marine and natural environments and participate in the Marine Eco Tourism activity.

In order to preserve and preserve the beautiful landscape of the beautiful landscape of the archipelago, the resorts use ecologically sound ingredients. We' re very anxious not to alter the ambience of the isle. The Macleod is one of the pristine Myeik (Mergui) archipelago is ideal for scuba divers, snorkellers, kayakers and fishers, as well as bird watchers, brief trekkers and junglesafari on our Fork lsland.

Burma Andaman Reserve Bay's iridescent marine life consists of endless hues of turquoise, deep turquoise and deep sea corals. The Myanmar Andaman is the first on an islet with its own cove and its own sand-bed. Dedicated transfers on non-Wednesday or Saturday - 1000 US$ round the world.

Please be aware that the MAR shuttles leave every Saturday and Wednesday at 14:00. Be at the jetty by 1:30 p.m. at the latest or at Kawthaung International Airports by 1:00 p.m. at the latest. There is a specific transport (not able to private) to and from the island on other dates except Wednesday or Saturday - 1000 US$ for a roundtrip.

If other customers participate in the vessel you will receive a 30% reduction. Located 435 leagues from the capital Myanmar, it is located just southwards of Yangon. Resort Hotel is located on " Tha-Htay-Kyun" island Kawthaung. They can take a plane to our five-star hotel, the Undaman Resort Hotel, to see the civil aviation of Myanmar.

From Kawthaung airport, you will need to drive about 7 kilometers to Kawthaung Jetty. Then take a ferry to Iceland. It' 30 min and you have to cover the cost of the cars and boats. All above prices are increased by 35USD/room/night during high season, New Year ( 01.2017) and Myanmar Water Festival (12.-15.04.2017).

All above prices are extra USD30/R/N with ABF during high season, New Year (30 December 2018 - 2 January 2019) and Myanmar Waterstival ((13 April - 16 April 20119). Royal Princess Ranong is a shopping and wellness resort in the heart of the city. Lying on the western seaboard of southern Thailand, the airport Ranong is about 30 minutes by car away.

You' ll get a hearty welcome with 134 rooms, first-class amenities of internatinal standards, relaxation with a renowned botanical spring and sparkling waters or enjoying precious stones and other items.

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