The Mergui

The Mergui Archipelago: the jewel of Burma. Moken: sea gypsies in the Mergui archipelago. Spread across the Andaman Sea, the islands of the Mergui Archipelago are an exquisite beach destination and still relatively under radar. Though it will never be cheap to explore the Mergui Islands by boat, there are some options for a number of bags.

Mergui Archipelago Dive Sites

Type of reef: Type of reef: Type of reef: reef guy: Reef guy: Reef guy: Mr. Williams has published, collaborated and worked with four dive leaders in Thailand, the Mergui Archipelago and the Andaman Islands. They are the Lonely Planet Snorkeling & Lonely Planet Snorkeling Serie, Periplus Editions Southeast Asia, Asiatic Diver Scuba Guide et Singapore's Times Edition asia.

The Mergui

The Myeik (Mergui) archipelago comprises more than 800 mostly uninhabited Andaman Sea islets. This archipelago lies off the coastline between Myeik (Mergui) and Kawthaung (Victoria Point). Because of their remote location, the island and the nearby oceans are full of an astonishing variety of wildlife and wonderful submarine scenery and sea creatures.

The Mergui Archipelago is known as a haven for scuba divers, snorkellers, kayakers, fishermen and explorers. The Mergui Archipelago is the only island in the whole wide open space of the archipelago that is so intact. Gypsies from the Andaman seas are the nomadic Myeik (Mergui) archipelago in the south of Myanmar.

You are good at scuba and swim. Your primary occupation is scuba dipping for pearls, gathering mussels and other precious marine life. The island is located in the Myeik (Mergui) archipelago, at 10' 10" and 97' 56" latitude and about 40 nm from Kawthaung (Victoria Point) and about 160 nm from Myeik (Mergui).

One of the pristine Mergui Archipelago islets, ideal for scuba divers, snorkellers, kayakers and anglers. It' also a great place for birdwatching, brief treks and junglesafaris, as it is thickly forested and hills. The shimmering submarine beauties of Macleod Island Bay are its endless hues of turquoise, deep turquoise and deep pink colored water coves.

Part of Tanintharyi region, it is made up of more than 800 Andaman Sea archipelagos in the extreme south of Myanmar and off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula.

Part of Tanintharyi region, it is made up of more than 800 Andaman Sea archipelagos in the extreme south of Myanmar and off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. Can you observe yourself cruising, relaxation and scuba dipping around these isles? It is not only the untouched underwater and surface landscape that makes the archipelago so intriguing.

The nomads who live on the ocean live a tradition of doing things like harvesting fish and constructing ships, as they have done for ages. They have been adapting to the waters for many hundred years and are the master of freediving. When the weather is arid, they live on their conventional vessels and end up in the wet seasons.

As a great liveaboard location, the mystery of this place will not remain a mystery for long, so we recommend that you make your sails as soon as possible for some Myanmar - Burma liveaboard adventure. Burma or Myanmar Mergui Archipelago is a real paradise for you. The Mergui divesites are abandoned in comparison to its neighbor Thailand and it is unlikely that you will see another submersible on your journey.

Seasonal visits to Burma and the best dive sites are from October to May. When you like to see whalesharks and mantas, you will be visiting the archipelago from February to May. There are reports that around nine different types of shark have been seen in the Myanmar area.

In Burma you can also see silvertip and whitetip sharks next to eagles and manta rays. Happy scuba diver also see seasons of Mobula Rays. Underneath the ocean floor, the Mergui Archipelago has an unbelievable wealth of wildlife. Maybe with frogfishes, squids, spook fish and squids, all spending a great quality holiday in Burma's unrivalled water world!

Every dives provides the opportunity for new explorations and many like the qualitiy of macros to what is found in Indonesia. Like these paradisiacal isles, you can think that there are a dozen places to visit that are intriguing and arousing. I' ve just selected some of the best scuba dives in the world. Some of the best known divesites in Southeast Asia are the giant Burma Bank (Silvertip, Rainbow, Roe, Coral and Heckford).

They are situated on the western side of the island, where the mainland shelves drop into the underwater world. Scuba is a fascinating and varied experience for scuba diver and the view of the shark is almost assured. Perhaps one of the most exiting sites on this scuba tour is Western Rocky.

These four islands off the coast are deserving of a diving trip, their faces are covered with shells and colorful sperms and covered with large cliffs and barracudas. If you are planning your route, be sure to take a stunning overnight diving trip on the southern face, where the moonlit corals illuminate the reds and oranges.

Looking for a world-class diver resort? My primary motivation for encouraging advanced diver to come to the site more than newcomers is that the sites have powerful current and shallow surfaces. The visibility can be as high as 50 meters and you can go underwater in the Andaman Sea at a sea temp. of 25-28 degrees Celsius.

I' m saying: great dive condition! Burma is trying to motivate both natives and visitors to use the country denominated money -yat. The Bangkok Airways service runs directly from Bangkok to Ranong, which has a harbour on the Thai side of the Myanmar-Fjord. If you are not flying, every journey in Myanmar will take a while ( "It is a nine-hour coach ride from Yangon to Mandalay").

Cruises are also an optional feature on some itineraries; the Mandalay Bagan experience is very much appreciated by people. Air Bagan and Myanmar National Airline are among the country carriers. It' less expensive and simpler to fly through an agency when you're in Myanmar.

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