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FREE of charge visitors cards are available here: We have two performances on the apex this year, find out more about the ascent and case.... and get back from our invited lecturer, Gerald Ratner. Disputed jewelry dealer and the'Sultan of Bling' will participate in his current work.

Gerald' offers brunch-canapés and network in the audience of The Apex. FEATURELESS visitors cards here: This is our second session on the' Talkg Heads' 1 pm platform. Listen to the commercial and trademark creative story of Jesse Quin, bassist of the UK based UK basedrockband, Keane and proprietor of Old Jet near Woodbridge, Jason Carter, MD of HOAX, whose trademark envoy is Ed Sheeran.

We' re also hearing from Peter Hampel of EdenLAB and the illustrated and fabric designed artist Brie Harrison in conversation with Nick Pandolfi. Find out how they have built winning brand names.

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Coffee Means Biznesu is the name of our annual Coffee Means Biznesu event, which offers free biznesu at Woodbridge, Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill. There is no need to make an advance booking or payment of a subscription, just select the date and place where you want to set up a local affiliate program and come to us.

You' ll be charged 5 on your return and then you can take our warm and proffesional way to Suffolk. Every montly a special guest manager gives his insights into the company in a brief and amusing way. If you are looking to connect your company and connect with like-minded individuals, we can help. Hopefully you will soon be able to connect.....

The network starts at 9.30 a.m. and ends at 11.30 a.m. We are very thankful for the support of MENTA Patron, Ensors Chartered Accountants, Coffee Means Business Woodbridge and Bury St Edmunds meetings.

Menta Group

Menta Group is proud of the programmes that have been designed to help vulnerable young people achieve their educational objectives and make valuable community support. Menta Group runs 26 programmes and 16 colleges throughout Illinois and Arizona and is continuing to grow. More than 40 years of expertise, the evidence-based programmes involve all those young people at stake with the aim of addressing the specific needs of pupils, family, educational personnel and managers and their localities.

Menta Group continues to believe strongly in the basic value on which the organisation was established in 1973 - every kid has the right to go to college. All of our programmes are designed to provide a personal educational system that will motivate and motivate all of our pupils, regardless of their living conditions. It is our aim to help each pupil to get ready for his or her future by providing post-secondary training, decent work and committed nationalities.

The Menta Group was established in 1973 by Bob Neubeck, Karen Evans and Father Larry Cozzi because there was an urgent need to help kids who could not reach their full capacity in a schoolroom. Starting from a school and a pupil, the organisation was created with the faith that all kids will be successful if they get the opportunity.

Menta Group has developed into a vibrant, fast-reacting, non-profit, multi-state institution that runs a large number of partner colleges, both privately and privately. As before, the organisation is sticking to its policies of never giving up a baby and not rejecting, suspending or deporting a pupil. Menta Group also grew to provide further non-profit training and transport under the Special Training Systems brand under the Special Training Service (SES) name.

"It would be a pleasure to get to know you one of these days, to embrace you in person and to thank you for this marvellous work! Accreditations will be reviewed in early 2016 - with the highlight of this trip in May 2017 locations (to see first-hand what effect our employees have on our college populations).

have the right to a high standard of training that will enable them to realise all their aspirations and aspirations! Menta Group has programmes in Illinois and Arizona.

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