Memento Resort Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach Memento Resort

Pristine Mermaid Resort is located in Ngapali and has a private beach. Activities near the Memento Resort. See reviews from Memento Resort - Ngapali Beach. Memento Resort and Silver Beach Resort. Ngapali Beach, Thandwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

Retrospect of Memento Resort, Ngapali, Myanmar - Memento Resort a place to stop

Hello travelers, in October 2014 we spent 4 outings at Memento Resort. This was supposed to be 45 US$ / per room, but then we spoke to other travelers who said that people staying three or longer overnight stays only paid 40 US$ per double room. Remark: this is really inexpensive for such a beautiful place, less than 20m from the beach, with beautiful views and no traffic noises...

Not as lush as the other places we've slept, but you can't wait for a five-star at Memento Resort, that's just not it. It' okay, the rooms are clear, the power worked even an extra minute longer than we were informed, the meal in the diner was okay, especially at noon. At night we prefered the Green Umbrella or Silver Full Dining, 250m along the beach, southbound.

As a summary, really great views, we enjoy our sojourn there, great views from the rooms by the sea until sunset. When you are looking for luxury, you should change to another resort. The beach is the same. It is not long, many hotels are right next to each other, in Octobers it was empty, you could go anywhere, because there are no beaches reserved for hotels.

Enjoy Ngapali!

Thank you in anticipation.

Thank you in anticipation. In order to make reservations for most of our Myanmar properties, we have just received the accommodation to make reservations for the nearest one. We just came in with momentto when we were there, sometimes you get a lower price when you just stroll in.

We have definitely got a better price in this case. Hopefully this will help! the prices are US$120 for a twin room on the beach. no need to reserve in advanced. you have many rooms and you can pick. other way is to speak to an agency in Yangon who will take care of the reservation for you.

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