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Sites in the category "Muse Member". Super Massive Wiki for the Volume Muse Muse members performed in split groups during their stays at Teignmouth Community College and Coombeshead College in the early 90s. Muse' founding began when Matthew successfully introduced Bellamy for the role of guitars in Dominic Howard's group. Christopher Wolstenholme, who was playing percussion at the beginning, was asked to study bassguitar for the group.

Volstenholme consented and the group was founded. Soon after the competition, the three men chose to give up the college, give up their job, rename the bandname Muse and leave Teignmouth. Muse" is one of the words used in the Dictionary: One of the nine girls of Zeus and Mnemosyne in Grecian legend.

Each muse in Grecian legend heads a different kind of arts or sciences. Bellamy's favorite is Erato,[2] the muse of lyric and sexy verse. Bandname was protected on 21 July 1999 by Matthew Bellamy and his lawyers. Division 09: Magnet tape, CDs, record disks, minis, cassettes, vinyl disks, videodiscs and videotapes, audio record, videotape, CD-ROM, DVD, all with background information on recorded, performed and/or performed performers.

Classe 41: Shows and presentation and live performance related to record ers and performers; recorders and performers' recordings; theatre works and audiovisual programmes for record ers and performers; theatre, TV, concert and night club entertainments related to record ers and performers' recordings.

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