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Savour the magic of'Mario Jack' from Myanmar Got Talent. Search jobs at MeliĆ” Hotels International Myanmar by job title. The Melia Hotel Yangon will be part of the Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) Myanmar Centre next to the Sedona Hotel on Lake Inya. Luxurious stay in Yangon awaits you in Melia Yangon. In the hotel each room has a desk, a flat screen TV and its own bathroom.

MeliaSeafood Night at Melia's

The hotel in Yangon is in fierce overcrowding. In recent years, your courageous critic has witnessed this lavish betting spree by seeing the small complements, adornments and particular treats advertised by all the city's top rated establishments. For expatriates in particular, payment by instalments and upgrade and improvement are the topics of the salon talk - which hotel will make you most intoxicated on Sunday?

Which hotel is the cheapest with his booze? {\a6} (edited, it's an MMT advertiser), what's the nicest feel brush lunch is? Which hotel will contain a swimmingpoolticket? Waddened in this dirty swimmingpool of middle class decadence after being treated to a Friday fishing dinner at the Melia Hotel next to Myanmar Plaza.

I and my spouse had dinner with a hotel agent who said that it was mainly locals and houseguests who wanted to spend their particular fishing nights. It was overcrowded, but I was informed that the bar was a good value for the price and a specific deal for Melia's place (for the time being).

After all, Friday's fishing nights are almost exactly the same as Melia's traditional dinner with the exception of a few additional shellfish. Their reviewers were amazed by the everyday life of the bottom of the restaurants - nothing stands out to show the different areas of the buffets and we were amazed by the way they were presented, the cleanness, the diversity of the meals and the fascinating name of the cuisine.

Our long stroll began in the chilly section with shellfish, sea food and salad, venison salad, alaska shrimp, shellfish, seafood tureen, shellfish and venus shells. It was nothing new for a shellfish dinner except the big and impressing shrimp and crustacean lobsters from Alaska (and mud).

When we sat down and ordered our own whitewine (which turned out to be a little fruitful for seafood), we were offered the speciality of the evening - fried crayfish. A good portion of sliced lemons, salted capsers, marinated onions and a thin, crunchy loaf or crackers is a good accompaniment to all these cuisines.

Across the room were numerous curry products, among them salad chops in smooth sauce and gumbo mix. In India, the food is shellfish, but this did not seem to be very appropriate, and there are also the main Chinese and Myanmar cuisine. All in all, Melia Fishing is an easy and funny way to enjoy an evenings, even if at first glance it seems odd to stay at a hotel bar on Friday afternoons.

However, there were some small prizes among the usual and well-known fritters - especially the crayfish. Think about whether you're going to be thoroughly caught this Friday. Friday evening fishing fiesta is $48.

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