Meditation Visa Myanmar

Myanmar Meditation Visa

The Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok is located near Surasak BTS station: As a Japanese citizen, I wondered whether it is possible to obtain a meditation visa in Bangkok or Singapore within one day. Aliens must apply for a visa before entering Myanmar. Anyone know how to apply for a meditation visa to Myanmar? It is not necessary to apply for a meditation visa.

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Candidates wishing to attend a meditation course at a Myanmar Meditation Center must first receive a sponsorship/invitation from the Myanmar Meditation Center and then file a complete proposal with the Embassy. A meditation visa is required for a visit to Myanmar for up to 70 nights and is effective for travel within three month from the date of issuance.

In the case that the suggested length of residence is more than 70 day, the host county needs more in order to register with the responsible ministry for permission. Self-Added Stamped or Messenger Bag, large enough to store all passports, i.e. registered mail, Platinum Express (normal shipping is not acceptable) (if the claimant lives in another and not in Australia, please include an additional A$30 to send back the pass and your e-mail.

Foreign visa seekers can only pay the cost of the visa back to their home country. The visa charges are as follows: The visa must be applied for before entering Myanmar. We kindly ask you to take enough care of your order. It may take longer to apply for a first visa and it is recommended that visa seekers get in touch with the embassy before entering the country.

The visa department is open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 15:00, except on public holiday.

Prolongation of your Myanmar Meditation Visa

A few decade-long ago, committed Dhamma residents from abroad could not remain in Myanmar for more than a whole weekend! Now that the Chinese authorities want to allow and encouraging Buddhists and meditationists to spend longer time in the Golden Land to live in Dhamma, a "religious visa" (commonly referred to as a "meditation visa") can be obtained for a 70-day extension without leaving the state.

First of all you should bear in mind that the renewal should start 3 wks before the visa expiry date, as the visa procedure involves several organisations and is only the last one to give you a new visa in your visa but it is unlikely that you will get an renewal if the current visa has already lapsed and the outcome will be an unlucky overdraft stamps!

When you are sure you want to renew your visa, I would suggest that you begin the renewal procedure soon after you arrive in Myanmar, as the procedure sometimes took up to 10 week! - depending on which cloister or meditation centre you are in many cloisters will do the expansion for you, but some cloisters that have never done it before may not be able to do it, which means a little bit of exertion and adventurous!

Enlargement Process - You must find a convent or meditation centre that is formally enrolled and approved by the federal administration and that will be your guarantor/sponsor of the expansion. Ask them to send a note (in Burmese) to the Department of the doctoral and publicity of the Sabana (let's call it the religion office) and the Immigration Offic.

  • You will need to include your name, nationality, ID number, date of your birthday, date of renewal and the name of the school. - we got two mailings, one to the Department of Religion and one to the Department of INS.
  • and send your resume to Naypyidaw for review, which will take at least 2 week. - They should call you as soon as they get it back and you can collect the permission note from the church bureau. In my case it took 3 week and they didn't call me, I had to call them a few days to verify the state.
  • You have to go to the immigration bureau in Yangon Downtown, Pansoedan Road. here you have to make US dollar payments and the ticket desk is only open from 10am to 2pm. to make sure you get there before 11am!

"When you come in, you will see many men seated and standing in a room, and behind some of those wall panes you will see many officials. There' s no welcome, so don't be puzzled, just be brave, get close to an army commander and make him see what you want by saying that you want a "visa extension" and present your visa and the deed of the Congregation.

If you have your photocopies, take the documents back and then go to the FRC's top desk. Leave the immigration and turn to your lefthand side and walk back to the next gate where you will find signposts with arrowheads that will lead you to "FRC".

Be sure to verify all visa data to prevent errors or misunderstanding.

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