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The Myanmar Media 7 Co Ltd. is located at 3/A, Thukhitar St., Bauk Htaw, Ward (16),, Yankin Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar. Burma Media 7 Co. Ltd.

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Myanmar/Burma: The EU is sanctioning 7 high-ranking officers of the armed forces, borders and policemen in charge of or connected with serious breaches of the Rohingya people's right to man.

The Council imposed restrictions on seven persons on 25 June in view of the Myanmar/Burma crisis. The penalties comprise a freezing of assets and a prohibition on travelling. Those to be sanctioned are Myanmar/Burma military (Tatmadaw), frontier guards and policemen who will be named for their participation in or connection with horrors and serious breaches of the Rohingya people in Rakhine State in the second half of 2017.

The Council on 26 April 2018 prolonged and reinforced the EU weapons embargo against Burma/Myanmar and banned further judicial education and co-operation with the Myanmar/Burma armies. The Council also adopted a legislative frame for specific restrictions against certain members of the Myanmar Defence Force (Tatmadaw) and the Frontier Service, which makes it possible to apply specific penalties in the event of further impunity.

Please consult the page on the website of the Council of the European Union.

Another 5 TV stations are launched in Myanmar - Xinhua

YANGON, February 18 (Xinhua) -- Five other privately held group entities have entered into a collaboration with the state-owned Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) to act as free to Air TV channel provider in a MRTV multi-playout system, the Myanmar News Agency said on Sunday. Mizzima, DVB, Fortune, KMA and MyMultiMedia will soon be offering a greater diversity of information, opinions and entertaining programmes to the audience, the magazine quotes Information Minister Pe Myint.

Pe Myint said at the signature ceremony on Saturday that personal media, together with the five new media suppliers, will enable the general population to obtain more information and facts, which in turn will help the state' s develop. It said that after the change of the broadcast act and the associated regulations a broadcast board will be established.

It called on the five new media suppliers to make systematic use of their media freedoms and to offer information, training and fun to the population. Now Myanmar has five TV stations - MRTV, Myawaddy, MRTV-4, Channel-7 and Sky Net as well as six FM bands broadcast by Myanmar Radio.

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