Meddling of the Cat God

Interference of the Cat God

Bakeneko (???, "changed cat") is a kind of Japanese y?kai, or supernatural being.

By his name it is a cat that has turned into a y?kai I've had enough of this meddling dog. Interfering with the Cat God. I've had enough of this meddling dog!

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Power and abilitiesAiluranthropy; AffiliationLena Dupree; Simone Lenoir was a mighty and lethal Werekatze, as well as a hazardous voice doo preacher who had a large peppers plantation that Moonscar Island Peppers, regarded as "the hotest peppers in Louisiana", was. You and your chef, Lena Dupree, became immortal in the latter eighteenth centuary after Morgan Moonscar and his pirates led their fellow colonists to their death on Moonscar Island on the island of Baou.

imone was a slim, middle-aged caulassian woman with chin-length blondes. In contrast to her associate Lena, she was quite repressed and formally. On the outside she was unhappy that Lena had taken the band to the isle. In the course of the daily Simone became less cramped and suggested rooms for the guests to stay overnight.

Simone's real character was unveiled when the unleashing of vitality began. During this time she made a few derisive remarks to the band (e.g. "These dummies are practical", "Pretty clever, for a TV reporter."). As Lena proclaimed that Jacques was in difficulty, she said that she should leave him because the band had to be emptied.

Simone does not perform exceptionally in her personal capacity. You and Lena seemed to know how to make magical growth poppets to hold back their sacrifices. Simon had the capacity to become a cat being ( "Werecat") and to withdraw the vitality of others in order to maintain their deaths. They and Lena alone murdered Morgan Moonscar and his pirate squad by losing their vitality and demonstrating that they are very impressive enemies in battle and in their animal-bashiness.

Cats are all standing upright and come with big teeth and hooves, which obviously contributes to their cruelty and pure intimidating factors (in recurrences both the moon and a seasoning merchant shouted with anxiety before their appearance). imone and Lena have an "intermediate" condition in which they have bigger, cat-like eyes and long dots.

After Scooby and Shaggy hit them to the floor, they finished their last metamorphosis as they stood centimeters before the rail. Later in the eighteenth and eighteenth centuries, Simone Lenoir and Lena Dupree belonged to a small hamlet of tranquil colonists who inhabited Moonscar Island and worshiped a cat god. While they were harvesting, the scavenger Morgan Moonscar and his team invaded their villages and plundered them.

All the colonists (except Lena and Simone) were driven into the bayside, where the village inhabitants were swallowed up by gators, while a shocked Simone and Lena were watching behind a giant tower. Desperate and vindictive about what the Brethren had done to their home and home, Simone and Lena expressed "a swear on the Brethren" to the Cat God and sought avenge.

Lena and Simone were transformed into werecat-like creatures that Moonscar and his Brethren emptied. Later, they found out that the cat god was cursing them too and demanded that they had to release the vitality of the sacrifices at every moons to surviv. So, for the next two hundred years, Simone and Lena have done just that.

Lena would attract tourist and visitor to the isle if there were no burial. Sometimes they also gave Jacques the right to be immortal, as they needed a boat passenger to carry them. Mystery Inc. were the youngest casualties of the Werekatzen in the present. when Lena's crew was drawn to Moonscar lsland in quest of a proper spook for their TV show.

Scooby-Doo's escapades and his devastating persecution of Simone's kittens all over their land were a constant irritant to them when the band set up. Lena attracted Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and the Plantage's Humane Gardner, Beau to her and Simone's dungeons, where the two Werekatzen took her prisoner and tied her up with voice puppets to drain her.

When Simone and Lena were seconds away from the band, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Jacques and the dungeons were flooding the dungeons and creating excitement. Then Lena and Simone catched up with Shaggy and Scooby, respectively, and began to drain them. When Velma and Daphne re-configured the dummies and used them against the Werekatzen, they were taken out of the water.

Jacques, Simon and Lena have finally driven the band into a corner to dehydrate them, but they begin to disintegrate in pain as the middle of the night approach. They became immortal, the spell was broken and the spirits of the zombied sacrifices of the Werekatzen were released to remain at ease in the Hereafter. I have been getting away with it for 200 years!

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