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Hawthorn, May, Hawthorn, Hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna/laevigata

Strawberries from orangery to azure, usually with a rock, although there may be more in some varieties or hybrid, are hanging in grapes in autumn. TasteThe fruit tastes a little like apples. They are best after a freeze in autumn, but since the chills appear later and later try the grapes, they are prepared when they are cute.

Hawthorn has a few different varieties and many hybrid varieties that grow in the UK, but the most abundant is the Monogynas, followed by the Midland Hawthorn, laevigata. They contain a large amount of Pectine and are a good complement to gels and marmalades to help them to sit down. They make a delicate gel from themselves and only the juices produced by chopping the grapes in the palms and sieves will harden very quickly and without being overheated.

When the grapes are very sugary, no sugars are needed, if not just a little bit of sugars to suit the palate.

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Biggleswade coachbuilder Maythorn and his son

Journeyman John Maythorn established a body shops in Fox's Yard, Sun Street, in 1842. In 1862 he relocated his expanding store to the corner of Station Road and Market Square, as shown in the picture above around 1886. Kelly's Directory described the store as John Maythorn and Son, High Street, Station Road, Palace Street, Cemetery Road (The Baulk) and "Market Place" in 1885.

He was a member of the Board of Guardians, Lighting and Burial Committee. Maythorn John passed away in 1897 at the age of 75. Frederick Alfred Maythorn, his sons father, took over the company and extended it into body construction. In 1909 he bought the old National School in Station Road (now Flutters Bingo Club) and in 1914 a large number of old cabtages on Palace Street to expand the city-center area.

As he celebrated the opening of the new workshop, there were about 200 people. The Maythorn & Son company produced high-quality wood objects from alder. On January 30, 1920, Frederick Maythorn had 110 Maythorn & Son Ltd. staff members at his pension celebration. Maythorn provided more physicians with cars during the transport period than any other company in England.

Maythorn' residence'North View' was located on the plant grounds, opposite the market square. In The Baulk (now a health centre) Frederick constructed a beautiful house'The Rasen' for his retire. A terrible fire broke out in 1923, when a large part of the plant was devastated. In 1925, an even bigger plant was finished, with a stately edifice that dominated the market square and further houses on Palace Street were ruined.

Other factories on Palace Street and Station Road were not affected and output remained stable, albeit with difficulties. All the Maythorn nameplates were under the front doors attached to the bodywork. He was always moving slow when applying the last layer of paint, assuming that too much destruction of the paint would affect the finish," his boy, my cousin Reginald Page, also worked in Maythorn as a carriage artist and went to Ipswich in 1926 to work there.

Reminiscent of a clock at the top of the house before 1923 with a cable on the groundfloor, Bill Reynolds rang the clock to inform the workmen of the times for the beginning and the end, including the midday lay. Re thought the doorbell was entombed with Bill when he passed away!

In 1920, Maythorn & Son Ltd became a wholly owned affiliate of Hoopers Coachbuilders Ltd. in 46, Dover Street, London. Frédéric Maythorn passed away in 1928, when the company was still thriving. Pressed Steel Company of Great Britain Ltd opened its Cowley, Oxfordshire plant next to the Morris Motors plant in 1926. As a result, the timber limousine business was restricted and when Hoopers of 46 Dover Street, London, now had overcapacity, the Biggleswade plants were shut down and Maythorn & Son Ltd. was wound up in 1931.

Ed - A full listing of people on the last pay roll can be found at the end of this section. Vauxhall Motors found many people to work for it, and Luton found that their know-how was not needed in volume at all. Lovers still love Maythorn bodyshell vehicles, which are very rare.

The NURO (Biggleswade) Ltd, which bought the parent plant in 1935, was founded to produce rolling film that had previously been exported from Germany. In 1936 the Royal Cinema was opened on the premises of the National College acquired in 1909 and parts of the old Schoolhouse can still be used as part of the parking lot area.

Weatherley Oilgear Ltd bought the Palace Street plant in 1939 and in 1958 relocated to a new plant on Dells Lane. In 1940, the Navy Army and Air Force Institute (NAAFI) bought the headquarters for a storehouse that was shut down in 1958. Specialising in heat insulating aeroplanes, Delaney Gallay Ltd (DG Light Engineering) took over the company's principal plant in January 1960, became Gloster Saro Ltd in 1978 and finally relocated to London's Road Trading Estate in 1989.

A part of the former Maythorn plant will remain in Bonds Lane (formerly Palace Street), now Fairfield Care Products. A further section of the Biggleswade Foundry site between Foundry Lane and Hitchin Street is waiting to be demolished. Maythorn staff accounting on May 6, 1931 in order of account numbers (missing numbers refer to staff who had previously resigned, the response to the entire sequential number changes is not known):

Road N.S. 461.

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