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Below are Maymyo photos and satellite images, explore the aerial views of Maymyo in Burma. Shipment - Pyin Oo Lwin station (Maymyo). Maps of Maymyo, Mandalay, Myanmar and Maymyo travel guide. Souvenir photos (available for purchase). UK > Discover Myanmar > Maymyo.

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Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) National Botanical Garden, Mandalay region, Myanmar. An old scales at a grocery store in Pyin Oo Lwin/Maymyo, Myanmar. Flirtatious views of the Maymyo Botanical Garden in Myanmar. Backlit tropic leaves in the Maymyo Botanical Garden in Myanmar. Backlit tropic leaves in the Maymyo Botanical Garden in Myanmar.

Backlit tropic leaves in the Maymyo Botanical Garden in Myanmar. City of Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo), Burma.

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Reminiscences of Maymyo

It was Maymyo who germinated from the campground where the English forces were resting before they began their invasion of Shan states. The city was called after a colonial colonel, Colonel May, and quickly achieved glory among the colonists as a comfortable haven and coveted outpost. All over Shan States they have chosen high, stony places to dominate from.

Every day, pianist's train loads, sterling service and cumbersome Mandalay level furnishings crept out and spat out their content on the train station, leading to the squeaking of knotted knobs of British ladies squeezing crates and tipping over delicate porcelain. The Maymyo was a springboard for a great dissemination of culture that devoured the Shan states.

In front of the train depot, the horse-drawn Gharries â?" gliders, imposed from India â?" awaited the new comers beneath the cloakroom. One by one they drove down Stations Road, with a cobbled hoof, to the high pine trees that surrounded the city and shadowed their townhouses.

In the suburbs some particularly large houses were concealed, among them Candacraig, the bachelor school for the Bombay Burmah Trading Company, which was the holder of the Teakwood Grande. The May-Myo is the headquarters of the Pyin-u-lwin Division of the Mandalay District. It' a civilian and civilian policing canton.

Its most important publics areas are the huts and officersâ?? chambers, the courthouse, the army and civilian polices, the building and forestry departments â?? cottages and the post and cable-stations. It also has a domestic trading point where transport to and from the Shan states is held back.

The Burmese people of the plain find the weather unsuitable, but locals from northern India, gourkhas and Europeans who look after clothing and homes are very healthy. Alaung pya set up several thousand of his Siam and Shan prisoners near PyinÅlwin. Prisoners were initially held in and around Ava, and many were assigned as servants to the Kingâ??s ministers.

Near the city there are the remnants of an old fortress, which is said to have been erected by the Chinese during one of their invasions of Burma. With the Shan Hills Railway having been penalized, which will lead through May-Myo, it will undoubtedly become a mountain retreat for many from Mandalay and even Rangoon and other parts of Burma in the near-term.

May-Myo can be reached quickly from Mandalay by horseback. However, if Maymyo' s lifestyle was not adventurous and easy in accordance with the popular style of France, it was full of comforts.

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