Mayangone Township

The Mayangone Community

Burmese: ?????

????? ????????[m?já??ó?? mjo?n??]; located in the northern part of Yangon. Looking for postcodes or postal codes for your municipality? What time would it take to travel from Mayangone Township to the Town Hall area in Kyauktada Township.


While most Mayangone townships are outside the day-to-day commuter traffic of Yangon inner cities and residents, parts of the neighbourhood are vital to the Yangon adventure. It also includes most of the scenic Lake Inya, encircled by such superb places as Sabai@DMZ in Mya Kyun Thar Park.

The township of Mingaladon is known for being home to the ever-growing Yangon..... It is the striking centre of the city like Pabedan, it is full of colorful..... From the city centre, we meet one of Yangon's most famous..... Further westwards along University Avenue Rd is Kamaryut Township.....

Tennessee 1st Street. No, 4 quarter . Municipality of Mayangone -.....

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Canangone Township - Yangon, Myanmar . from Aungmingalar 1 st, road . Yangon, Myanmar .

The Mayangone township - Recommendable? YANGON.

The Mayangone township - Recommendable? What would it take to get from Mayangone Township to the Town Hall area in Kyauktada Township? Is the Mayangone municipality secure and recommendable? Hello, It takes more than 1 hours from Mayangone Township to Downtown City Hall.

The Mayangone township is good to remain calm. Therefore, I would like to suggest that you remain in the closest church of your ministry. In terms of, love Nay doing, would you be able to advice which townships should I choose for the rental of my flat if my workplace is located in Sule Pagoda Road & Merchant Street, Kyauktada Township?

When your bureau helps, ask them to look in the same place for travelling comfort,,,,,,closer to your workplace is perfect.

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