Mayan People

maya people

FROM HOME-MADE MAA PRODUCTS AND. Maya have so many stories of angels, star people and. Learn more about ancient civilization and today's Mayan people. Obtain images of Mayan People and royalty-free images of iStock. By morning the worries of the people will have taken away all their worries!

What happend to the Mayan people?

One civilization has disappeared - or gone home? Civilization. This civilization blossomed for about 2,000 years. Maya build towns, invest in agriculture and commerce and create a calender. Populations increased and some estimations suggest that there were suddenly up to 22 million Maya.

And then, somewhere in between, the whole Mayan civilization just seemed to have disappeared. Maya towns were deserted, people's customs forgot and their language forever gone. A number of the Mayans believe that they were affected by a catastrophe - perhaps a severe quake or a volcano burst.

However, the towns that the Mayans abandoned were still untouched. Maya were good peasants, but as their populations increased it became more difficult to support them all. So, according to theories, they abandoned their towns in quest of nourishment. Others suggest that the Maya ruined themselves - perhaps through civilian warfare.

However, there are no notes of any such conflicts in the notes they leave behind. During 2012, the Government of Mexico published some unprecedented artifacts of the Maya - sculptures, facsimiles, plaques as well as papers found in the interiors of a Mexico-the Maya. that the Mayans apparently had alien contacts.

We believe for sure that the Mayans were working with aliens," said Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, Mexico's Secretary of State of Campeche in charge of tourist affairs. Is it possible that the Maya themselves were astronauts and that when they vanished, they just returned to their home state?

During the whole story of the Maya its emperors often asserted to be descendants of the heavens and gheas. K'inich Janaab'Pakal of Palenque was one such reign. At the time K'inich Janaab'Pakal was entombed, a one-of-a-kind motif was engraved into the cover of his coffin (see above). If Mayan people hadn't seen them, how could they take pictures of astronautics?

Other people believe that the giant temple of the Mayas, focused on sun and moon activities, were indeed a kind of old space ship drop-off point or a kind of communication with beings on other continents. To the faithful this is why the Maya had so much information for their age. The astronomer Carl Sagan argued that many myths, artifacts and supposedly out of place artifacts were quoted to aid this old concept of astronomy, "very few need more than a temporary mention" and can readily be more conventional.

With the help of the Mayan calender, the apocalyptic theoreticians forecast the end of the earth for December 21, 2012. The people who thought that the date on the wall was the end of the earth had a theory about how we would face our demise - like a mystical planetary colliding with the earth or reversing the orbit.

Others collected themselves with food and drink and hoped to live.

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