Myanmar, Mawlamyinegyun (township) with population statistics, maps, map and location. Myanmar's Mawlamyinegyun Township (Burmese: ????

???????????????????????) is a community of the Labutta District in the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar. Obtain the Mawlamyinegyun weather forecast. An emergency project in response to Cyclone Nargis in the Mawlamyinegyun region of Myanmar. Myanmar's Mawlamyinegyun Township (Burmese: ???????????????????????????) is a community of the Labutta District in the Ayeyarwady Division of Myanmar.

Development of the value chain for inclusive economic growth in Bogale and Mawlamyinegyun Townships, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Union of My-anmar

This is a follow-up to earlier initiatives which have contributed to create the preconditions for a pro- gress transitional period from relief operations in Nargis to mid- and long-term operations in the townships of Bogale and Mawlamyinegyun. Aim of the campaign is the development of value creation networks, the promotion of synergy between the players, the reinforcement of the individual players for higher volume and better production and the promotion of the price and market information flows.

Its most important value creation necklaces are paddy beans, legumes and vegetables. The most important results of the projects are: through a market-oriented focus on improving the value added value of agricultural produce, and by supporting businessmen and subsectors of the economy that are important for endangered rural and community budgets.

At least 2,000 peasant homes have enhanced value creation through better accessibility to loans, agro-processing and shelters, and this has led to the creation of new jobs,

No 1 Yamonna Bridge in Mawlamyinegyun under building

DAS Township Development Affairs Committee and donators have provided funding for the Yamonna No. 1 Viaduct to help the inhabitants of Mawlamyinegyun, Ayeyawady Region, transportation and business opportunities. It connects stations 10 and 13. When completed, the viaduct will be used by the inhabitants of stations 9, 10 and 13 as well as Mesali Patheinsu, Thabyechaung and Hmanku Kanasochaung.

50 percent of the building work is currently completed.

Nieuws - New viaduct in Mawlamyinegyun township constructed according to state plans

In the framework of the government's countryside planning, a new viaduct was built in Mawlamyinegyun Township, Laborutta Districts, ayeyawady region. The Township Urals Developpment Division is organising the building of a new RC cement gantry called Panmaukkhon in the destination area with a total of 48 million Ks. It will be 60 ft long and 14 ft broad.

This new plant will be connected to the towns of Gonhnyindan, Vanhsainggone, Panmaukkhon and Myinkakon. The city council recently paid a visit to the site to monitor the new building's status. It will help to offer these communities advantages in the fields of training, healthcare and transport.

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