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Discover the Mawlamyine holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Have the best Mawlamyine holiday with our travel planner. See & Do More is our itinerary so you can have the most fun in Mawlamyine. Activities in Mawlamyine, Mon State: What you can do in Mawlamyine.

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Moulmein, Mawlamyine, is the 4th biggest town of Burma (Myanmar), 300 km southeast of Yangon and 70 km southern of Thaton, at the estuary of the Thanlwin (Salween) river. It is the principal commercial centre and sea port in southeastern Burma. The name Mon, which was formerly used for Mawlamyine, Moulmein means "damaged eye" and allegedly derives from Mot-Mua-Lum, which means "a broken eye".

Mawlamyine" is said to be an adulteration of the Mon name: HistoricalEarly HistoryAlike Kalyani inscriptions built in 1479 by King Dhammazedi of Hanthawaddy Pegu, Mawlamyine was named among the 32 myo or 32 Mon towns within the Martaban Branch. Kolonialer Moulmein (1824-1948)Mawlamyine was the first British Burma capitol between 1826 and 1852, after the coastline of Tanintharyis (Tenassarim) and Arakan was surrendered to Britain after the Treaty of Yandabo at the end of the First Anglo-Burmese War.

Between 1826 and 1852, after the first Anglo-Burmese conflict, the Brits made it the country's main town, and built administrative buildings, church buildings and a huge jail. From 1826 to 1862, Columbian Mawlamyine was the centre of Burma and the first seaport to become the "bridgehead" and hub for the recently purchased UK territories in South East Asia.

Myanmar Mawlamyine - The Ultimate Travel Guide (The ultimate travel guide)

Maybe Mawlamyine is not as famous or famous as Yangon or Bagan, but as Myanmar's 4th biggest town it is definitely valuable to expand your travel route if you pass in good times. Myanmar used to be the main town of Myanmar during the English invasion from 1827 to 1852 and is now the main town of the state of Mon, situated in the southeast of the island not far from Rangoon.

Madlamlamyine is a comfortable starting point for daily excursions, and you can take outside walks to see everything from huge Buddhas to military graveyards, according to how you want to travel. Lots simply love strolling through the old roads of the downtown, relishing the ambience and sampling local cuisine.

As you would be expecting, there are scenic lakeside walks and the promenade is a favourite and vibrant part of the town. Kipling revisited the town and described its beauties in detail, so many visitors hoped to see the famed eagles and landmarks he mentioned in his letter.

Much of Myanmar is covered by the arid period, during which the sun is usually shining and the temperatures are usually hot. Beach is a favourite backpacker destination and other hotel locations are in areas such as Ridge Street and Lower Main Street.

Since it is a less touristic town, it is simple to find cheap locals to eat and drinks if you are not looking for west cooking, although due to the closeness of the land to Thailand and China there are restaurant serving these foods. A further advantage of the period in Mawlamyine is that it is very small in comparison to Yangon and Mandalay and one can easily reach the center of the center on foot. Here you will find a lot of information.

When you need to travel a longer route, motorcycle taxis are the most common choice and usually price only USD 1 to USD 2, making them a low budget one. There are several ways to get out of the town and to your next goal.

Remember that the buses and trains are a few miles outside the town, and cab riders can ask a bold reward to get you there. Myanmar Mawlamyine is a great transportation junction that makes it simple to reach almost any other goal by air, rail or coach, whether you are at the beginning or end of your journey in Myanmar.

A lot of busses go to Yangon every day and take about 6 hrs, and it should be simple to get your ticket from your accomodation without having to make a long reservation in advance. Your ticket will be valid for the day. There' also a sleeping car shuttle to Mandalay every day when you go north. There are also plenty of cheap train services, although sometimes they are not as efficient as the busses.

Travelling by rail, however, is always a good way to see a land, especially somewhere as pretty as Myanmar, and should not be neglected. Travelling to and from Yangon every morning, they take about 9 hrs and are a picturesque way to see this part of the state. There is also the  Mawlamyine International Airports, with at least one plane per night to and from Yangon.

Travelling abroad after having visited the capital, you will need to make your way to Yangon and take a connecting air service from there as there are many opportunities for travel to neighbouring destinations and many inland services to other parts of Myanmar. Usually Mawlamyine is regarded as a very secure destination and crime against visitors is scarce.

As in much of Myanmar, the greatest risk is to drive on insecure streets with riders who do not necessarily follow West African road traffic regulations. She has had connections to narcotics dealing with the town relatively near the Thai boarder, so be careful not to interfere in anything related to narcotics or the narcotics business during your stay there, as the punishments are severe, it goes without saying that probably those in this business are not reliable.

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