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Myawaddy Bus and Mawlamyine

Busses from Myawaddy to Mawlamyine - Myanmar Message Board Has anyone got any new information about busses from Myawaddy to Myawlamyine - frequencies and what kind of holidays they have? It would also be useful to know how easily it is to rent a vehicle and a rider upon your return to Myawaddy from Me Sot - thank you. When you do your basic research, you will find that on even dates the flow goes westward and on uneven dates it goes eastward.

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Where do I get to Myawaddy?

You can use the quick links below to skip to the section about transporting to and from Myawaddy. Not Myawaddy and the provincial capitol Hpa-an have an airport, but Mae Sot, only a few meters above the Thai frontier, is only a few meters over the viaduct and from here it is a 45-minute fly to Bangkok.

As there is only one street outside the city, there is only one way to drive from Myawaddy, at least to the junction of Hwy 58 to Myawlamyine, if you have the option between two targets. Touristic service in Bangkok and Chiang Mai organize both trips to Yangon, via Myawaddy and Hpa-an, but we could not buy such maps in both directions from Myawaddy itself.

There is a wide range of transportation available from the central highway to Hpa-an, Mawlamyine or Yangon and northwards. You can choose between pick-up, (songthaew) busses in your own locality to Kawkareik or Hpa-an, mini busses or collective taxi to Mawlamyine or Hpa-an and Air-Con busses to Yangon inclusive sleeping car.

Minibuses and collective cabs are generally picked up (and dropped off at the other end) at the accommodation of your choosing, which is comfy, although both may or may not be comfy, according to how many people they try to install it. We tried out common cabs on both opportunities, we had front kits for us and no discomfort.

Driver can't or can't interrupt the trip with a stop at a roadside café near Kawkareik and so Times fluctuate between 2. 5 and 3. Five Hpa-an lessons. Dito Mawlamyine, but with 30 min. driveway. Fares in Yangon differ widely between Air-Con coaches, V. I. coaches, mini coaches and collective cabs, but ranges from 8,000 kyats for a normal A/C system to 22,000 kyats for the front seats in a collective cab and 25,000 kyats for a V.I. nightsleeper.

Busses run the whole days and cabs and minibuses run when they find people. Our experiences show that anyone travelling to Hpa-an or further by road becomes a standard cab and takes one or more people with him to pay the fuel-cost.

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