Mawlamyine to Myawaddy Bus

Myawaddy Bus and Mawlamyine

Guided tour to Myawaddy (& are there pickups?) - Mawlamyine Forum I plan to drive from Mawlamyine to Myawaddy in a few workdays on the twenty-seventh. So are the uneven dates of this months the eastern ones on this street? Have you been there in the last few months and can you tell us what the sense was on a certain date so that we can find out?

Do you have pickups or busses? I have been the Hpa An to Mahesot last year $ 10 joint cab big journey and adventures with great landscape, I exited on Saturday when the gates are shut, so I made sure that I got my back to $ US on Friday bench in Hpa An Hpa to take the Hpa An privately owned cab.

Ha! will verify my pass if I can find it, just for you listed Thailand Maesot 8 February 2014 so Thailand this was a Saturday and now they had the 28 week exemptions for members of Group-7. To add up the numbers of uneven/even dates in the past few weeks, this should be expressed as even dates this year.

I now know in anticipation that I should better reserve a guest house to spend the night in Mawlamyine or Hpa-an. Hayden....maybe too belated to get that....BUT...for this months, January 2015, the flow goes from eastern to western on the uneven days...I went from Myawaddy to Hpa'an on January 1st...the uneven/even dates vary according to how many dates in the, in February the flow directions will shift to be eastern to western on the even dates, since January has 31 dates......

Since you probably refer here to busses and not to all means of transportation? We are looking to leave Hpa On for Myawaddy on February 22, so do you anticipation that there will be an derivative instrument (reasonably priced) available to us on that date! You are probably talking about busses and not all means of transportation?

We are looking for Hpa An to Myawaddy on 22.2.15 and are hoping that we have a (cheap) way of transportation on this time. Can anyone give us advice?

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