Mawlamyine to Dawei Bus

Dawei Bus to Mawlamyine

Only a few buses go to Myeik from Dawei, for example. Delivery and collection by van to Bago, Golden Rock, Mawlamyine, Ye, Dawei and Myeik. By bus from Dawei to Mawlamyine: old bridge, new bridge. " How does MawLamyine get to Dawei by bus?" To our precious customers!

During the overland trip to Mawlamyine it makes sense to interrupt the trip to Ye.

Moving on

Infra-structure in southern Myanmar (Burma) is bad, especially in the southern part of the country. Busses run every day. Minivans have begun to service the large city links (Myeik and Dawei). They' re a little faster than busses and seem to be picking you up from yourtel. Underneath the travelling seasons and rates for Air-Con verses visas.

From 2017-2018 there will be frequent departures from Yangon to Myeik (stops in Mawlamyine and Dawei of course). We still have some travelling limitations in South Burma. There is good reason to know that the highway between Myeik and Kawthaung is free for all. From Dawei via Myeik to Kawthaung and vice versa there are ferryboats, but they do not run at all (Jan 2018).

From Myeik to Dawei is the most comfortable speedboat link. Departures: 11 am, not every morning. If there are enough visitors per days, the ships could return. You can take a flight to and from Yangon from Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung every second. Currently there are no direct services from the southern Myanmar airport to Thailand (August 2016).

Planes are not always on schedule. In the 2017-2018 campaign, only Myanmar National Airline will be operating a southern flight.

Bus schedule - dawei mawlamyine yangon - Myanmar Message Board

because the journey to Jangon is too long to dawei (18 hours).... I wanted to get off at Mawlamyine and be there one of these days, go to Jangon.... can you tell me the bus timetable? and the fare? The bus departs from Dawei to Mawlamyine at 14:00 and 16:00.

Arrival in Mawlamyine in the early hours of the day. Anyone know the schedule in the opposite sense (from Mawlamyine to Dawei)? I' m not going to have enough to stop in Ye, did you know of any later busses from Ye to Dawei? I' m going to Golden Rock, Hpa An and Mawlamyine.

Near Nabule Beaches, one hours motorbike drive from Dawei. Sound great, how can I find it? found out that most have found out what the last line was like; does anyone know the schedule in the opposite direc? The only thing I found is the schedule from Yangon to Dawei (via Mawlamyine), so I guess I can continue at Mawlamyine, but nothing more precise.

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