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Relax your head in The Mawlamyine Beach, located in Mawlamyine. It' located on Lower Main Road and beach. Receive directions, reviews and information for Mawlamyine Beach Hotel in Mawlamyine, . This luxurious Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel is located on the banks of the Thanlwin River. The Asia Holiday Agency offers reservation service for the Mawlamyine Strand Hotel.

Mawlamyaing Beach Hotel, Myanmar - Review of Mawlamyaing Beach Hotel, Mawlamyine, Myanmar

I' m advised that this is the best motel in the city. Personnel tried to tinker at every point of the electrical grid, but he was foreboding. He' talked to someone on the telephone, but he went back to work on it. The housekeepers showed up and solved the issue after a long while.

After a long ride on the rail, went into a steam bath and the plumbing blew. The next one was the rinse, which was leaky all over the bath.

Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel reviews, Strand Rd, Mawlamyine

It has nothing to do with the famed Strand Hotel in Yangon, but Mawlamyine's Strand has a first-class place on the street of the same name. on Skyscanner. It is currently the biggest and most sophisticated type of lodging in the city. Mawlamyaing Beach (with another interesting name in the name), is situated at the upper end of the shore street just above the main square and adjoining Attran, so it also offers some great view over the muzzle.

It has the at least the benefit that there are many rooms, so that you have a good opportunity of being available in the high time. The beach has a large foyer with very supportive and English speakers. The higher-quality rooms are really a good business for Mawlamyine, while the more costly luxury options offer bigger rooms on higher levels, with better view.

You also have roomy rooms, called'royal deluxe', which are suited for a pair plus two or three children. By the end of the morning, not counting the bungalow in the first line of Attran, this is the only possibility in the city. Supior twin room, low season:

US$110, high rate US$110. Luxurious doubleroom, low season: US$130, high rate US$130. Familiy room, low season: US$210, high rate US$210. Royale delluxe.

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