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Explore the best restaurants in Mawlamyine, including Daw Yee, Bone Gyi, BBQ Garden. The best Asian restaurants for lunch in Mawlamyine, Myanmar. Best bar in Mawlamyine. Situated in the heart of the beach road of Mawlamyine, we try the best taste. That Asian restaurant is our favorite restaurant in Mawlamyine.

Mawlamyine, Myanmar (Burma) restaurants

It is now found throughout Myanmar and is loved by both wealthier natives and overseas seekers looking for safe and wholesome foods. There is a large selection of pasta and rices as well as soup and juice. Here there are Burmese style traditional Burmese cuisine, but it is also a place to dine and enjoy the river and draft beers.

The Maw Shan is a good place for a delicious buffet break or dinner with genuine Shan pasta; try the roasted beef.

Eating and meeting

Beach Street! Well it' s a long way, and with its magnificent ocean view it is an excellent place to find a place to eat. There are many draperies and teashops around the markets and Lower Main Roads, but for a diner to order or a cold sun downer you go down to the harbour.

There are many of these restaurants around the docks. First, Myoma Jetty at the end of Myoma Tadar Street and near Aurora, sandalwood and Cinderella is the site of a new - for lack of a better term -'complex'. And if you want to remain a tradition, there are also a few basic regional meals on the list, such as roasted 1,500 kilo ricepack.

All we' re criticizing is that this place is the bad way out! The Riverview is located on the second storey of the same house, with a beautiful view of the city. There is a wide selection of Mon, Burma and Chinese Burma food as well as Thai and even some Thai and even Chinese Burma food.

Directly at the boardwalk, just southwards of the pier, is the overnight fair of Mawlamyine on the broad shore path opposite the policestation. About halfway between the landing stages of Myoma and Dawei, the latter also offer a number of good restaurants. Mya Than Lwin is the more down-to-earth Mya Than Lwin, but neat with wood desks and stools and offers another large selection of Myanmar and Chinese-Burmese cuisine.

The YKKO is a network of restaurants in Burma with several outlets in Yangon and elsewhere and a good local name. Most of the menus are oriental, but they' re exquisite with offers of Mon, Thai, Mandarin and Myanmar as well as some general food like sateen and eggbells. Classical chickens with cashew or sweet-sour go for 3,500 cyat; vegetables are 2,500 and whole barbecued or stewed fish are 4,000.

The third one near Dawei Jetty is the Nadih Laine (or Nadi Hline) from China. Back on Strand Road, past Myoma Jetty, you will find a few more very famous Mawlamyine dining places. Grandma and Grandfather Restaurant is a small, modest café that is not very decorative, but by the water and serves very good Myanmar cooking.

You will sometimes see the names Help Grandmother and Grandfather Restaurant. It averages about 2,000 kyats. The last beach we recommend is Pon Ngy (or Ngi). It is located on the outskirts of the city, but still has good open-air sitting facilities and is already a regular backpack tourist in the city.

At night it is the only place outside the resort where you will see more aliens than people. There is a large selection of seafood, curry and vegetables prepared either in Burmese or Mon-style, with prizes between 1,500 and 2,000 Kie. To do something else - and not on Strand Road - visit the small Mi Cho coffee shop in India just a few minutes walk back from Attran on Bogyoke Road.

The best place for regional specialties - Myanmar, Mon and Sino-Burmese - is probably Attran with its beautiful wood terrace right on the water. Main from about 4,000 kyats and drinks are okay, although the bars are not as crowded as those of the beach or Cinderella.

The recently renovated in-house Ngwe Moe Hotel looks very good, with a selection of closed climate or patio chairs, although we didn't have enough room to verify it ourselves. It has the best beach and would be your best option for a drink and although you sometimes put a table outside on your grass, the inside is not inspired to eat and drink.

At-Tran Hotel: At the corner of Strand and Bogyoke Rds; T: (057) 25764-5; open every day 17:00-22:00. The Cinderella Hotel: Chauffeur service: 21 Baho Rd; T: (057) 24411, (057) 24860; open every day 10:00-22:00. Grandpa and Grandma Restaurant: Beach Rd; T: (057) 21366, (094) 300 5038; open every day 06:00-22:00. The Bogyoke Rd is open every day 10:00-21:00. Beach Rd; T: (094) 2532 4008; open every day 10:00-22:00.

Mayoma Jetty, Beach Rd; T: (095) 979 1825; open every day 09:00-21:00. Beach Rd, near the Dawei Jetty; T: (057) 21111, (094) 981 0016; open 08:00-23:00. Beach Rd, near the Myoma Jetty; open every day 17:00-21:30. The Pon Gyi Restaurant: 1B Strand Rd; open every day 09:00-21:00. Riviera View Restaurant: Mayoma Jetty, Beach Rd; T: (097) 9355 1755; open every day 10:00-22:00.

Dawei Jetty, Strand Rd; T: (099) 7711 8803-4; open every day 10:00-22:00. Some of our most popular attractions and activites around Mawlamyine.

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