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Population of Mawlamyine

Moulmein had a considerable Anglo-Burmese population during the colonial period. Mawlamyine' s population and related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). Township, Myanmar with population statistics, maps, map and location. The city of Mawlamyine is an old Mon town. It is located in an area with a large number of Mon.

Data and Facts

Mawlamyine ( "Maw-lamyain") is the most frequent type of translucid. Another type of translation is maawlamyaing. It is the capitol of the state of Mon, located between the widths 14o 52'N and 17o 32'N and the lengths 96° 51'E and 98° 13'E. A part of the state borders Thailand in the southeast and the Gulf of Mottama and the Andaman Sea in the western part.

Mawlamyine' climates experience a more humid tropic environment than most parts of Southeast Asia. Mon State's population is 3 million and consists mainly of Mon and Bamars, although there are also Kayin, Rakhine, Chin, Kachin, Shan, Pa-O, ethnic groups from India and China. Most Indians are third or forth-century Myanmar, whose forebears were taken to Mawlamyine during Britain's Colonies.

Now fully integrated into Myanmar's civilization as they have long forgot their native language, many of them still adhere to their own practices and convictions. Most of the population practices Buddhism, although Christianity, Islam and Hinduism are widespread, as the city' s countless Mosques, Hindu Buddhist monasteries and chapels show. There are 10 townships and 450 stations in the state of Mon.


It' the capitol of Mon State with about 400.000 inhabitants. Once known as Moulmein, it was once an important harbour and the administration capitol of British Lower Burma. Kyaikthanlanagoda from 875 AD is the city's symbol, from which Rudyard Kipling composed his famed poetry "The Way to Mandalay".

Myanmar's longest highway and railway viaduct, the Thanlwin is the most striking symbol of the area. The 11,000 foot stretch of the Thanlwin between the southeastern part of the state and Yangon.

Inhabitants of Mawlamyine, Myanmar

Population of Mawlamyine, Myanmar is 438861 according to the GeoNames geographic data base. Sitemap and Sitemap, Sitemap and topographical (terrain) maps for Mawlamyine, Myanmar (courtesy of Google Earth): Mawlamyine, Myanmar is 16.49051[latitude in decimals ], 97.62825[longitude in decimals] at an altitude of 52m.

Temporal Zones The temporal zon for Mawlamyine is Asia/Rangoon. Geo-Names ID The Geo-Names ID for Mawlamyine is 1308465.

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