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Picture taken in or around Mawlamyine, Burma_myanmar by Mark Ord. The Shwe Bon Nan Hotel offers free WiFi and air-conditioned rooms in Mawlamyine. There was a group photo at Mawlamyine University. A street with houses. Stock photo, pictures and stock photos.

Picture about Kyaik Tan Lan.

"At the old Moulmein Puagoda, which looks rotten by the sea....", Rudyard Kpling said during his 1889 trip, and we assume that not much has really happened since then in this rather oversleep and enchanting old city.

"At the old Moulmein Puagoda, which looks rotten by the sea....", Rudyard Kpling said during his 1889 trip, and we assume that not much has really happened since then in this rather oversleep and enchanting old part of the world. Moulmein, now Mawlamyine, used to be the capitol of British Lower Burma. It is now the Mon State capitol and the 4th biggest after Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw, although on the floor it appears to be little more than a big metro.

It is a pleasure to walk through the calm tree-lined roads and wonder what would have been nearby when George Orwell was part of the Mawlamyine P.D.. This small city has a great feeling. Observe the city from the markets, see the sunset in the cafés by the water, look lazily at the ocean from the old cougars on the hills and see some of the local people - we expect them to be one of the most friendly people in the state.

That alone should make most tourists feel lucky for a days or two, and although the town itself is not too full of touristic attractions as such, the surroundings are certainly. Situated about 300 kilometers south-east of Yangon on the south side of the powerful Than Lwin River, with views of the picturesque mouth and the Gulf of Martaban.

Hpa An is a brief coach or picturesque eastern cruise, while the northern motorway leads past Thaton and Bago to Yangon. The city of Thanbyuzayat is about 60 kilometers southward with some remarkable sights like Win Sein Taw Ya Giant Buddha and Kyauktalon Taung Pagoda. In the busy little village of Thanbyuzayat, the notorious death train from Kanchanaburi in Thailand ended.

The old seaside city of Amherst, today Kyaikkami, with its quaint Yele Pagoda, lies just off the coast of Thanbyuzayat. Similarly southwestern of the city is the quaint Setse Beach. Please be aware that Setse is the only place with licenced lodging until you arrive in Ye, another two hrs further down from Dawei.

When we got back to the city we found enough good and diversified cafés and restuarants to keep us moving for a few short time. Mawlamyine' s formerly rather miserable accommodations have now become much better. It has a ground plan that mirrors the geographical location of the land in these parts, i.e. long and thin and extending from the North to the Southeast along the coast.

Than Lwin River - formerly the Salween and spanning the stunning Than Lwin Bridge - is preventing Mawlamyine from spreading northward. It is the oldest and most important part of the city, situated between the seaside and a series of woody mounds with the old famed mountain peaks. Behind the hill is the newer part of the city, where there is a large clinic and the most important coach and railway stops.

The Strand Road follows the bustling promenade with three further streets behind: The Lower Main Road, Baho Street and Upper Main Road. A large part of the trade and markets are located along the Lower Main Road, while the Upper Edition has a sub-urban character, with large old mansions and administration houses from the Colonies in the midst of green parks.

The path along the coastline leads southwards to Mawlamyine, but the main neighbourhood, which contains the most attractions that the visitor is likely to want to see, is relatively dense. It is located in the center of Baho Street, the main train stop near Strand Road.

Banking is focused on the Lower Main Road, especially in the north near the C&N. Officionally Mawlamyine claimed a resident of 300,000, but that is the entire county, even the most remote municipalities - it has an exceptionally large urban instead of a small urban area. As the attractions of Mawlamyine are widely dispersed, the means of transportation are not the best and motorcycle rental is not so simple and not for everyone, registering for an organized trip is a great way to maximize your travel and minimize your effort.

For a while now, Breeze has been organizing trips to both Bilu Island and places just to the South of Mawlamyine in the direction of Thanbyuzayat. Myanmar Dawei Jetty's elegant Myanmar Hiking Holidays offer tiring, but strenuous looking trips with almost all the sights we see in and around the city in a full SUV outing.

These include all the monuments and monuments in the cities as well as the huge lying Buddha, Thanbyuzayat and Setse. You also have short walks with the tuuk touk, which take Mawlamyine sightseeing and venture to Win Sein Taw Ya Buddha, as well as pleasant daily excursions around the island of Bilu.

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