Mawlamyine Myanmar Beach

Myanmar Mawlamyine Beach

Mawlamyine district - Mawlamyine district - parish - Thanbyuzayat parish. Departs/Ends: Mawlamyine / Mawlamyine Tour Type: The Kyaik Ma Yaw - Thanbyuzayat - Kuaik Kami - Set Se Beach. The Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, Taung Yoe Dan Street, Mawlamyine, Myanmar. It' a popular beach among local visitors like Chaung Thar beach in Myanmar.

Moulmein and Thanbyuzayat Information

Also known as Moulmein, sometimes known as Moulmein, it is the enchanting Mon State's Tropic Capitol and former administration center of British Burma. It has many old settlement houses that line its tranquil avenues. It is renowned for its market and shellfish. Situated at the estuary of the Thanlwin (Salween) stream, the city's center is the Kyaik Than Lan Pagoda, which sits enthroned above Lake Maggiore and provides a magnificent view of the area.

Mawlamyine offers a number of other places of historic and culturally interest, such as the St. Patrick's Cathedral, the Soorti Sunni Jamai Mosque and St. Matthew's deserted stone cathedral. For those who want to rest and unwind, Strand Road on the riverbank is a nice place to be at sundown and in the evenings; it offers a range of drink and dining facilities, among them a grandmother and grandfather cafeteria (a charity for the aged that offers good regional cuisine) and an outside area where you can enjoy a meal and drink cold beers till well into the night (in the middle of Strand Road).

Further attractions are the world's biggest Buddha in Kyauktalon Taung, 20 km southwards of the city; the Kawgoon and Payon caverns, known for their many Buddha paintings, galagmites and galactites; and the Kyaikkami Pagoda, which towers on cliffs by the ocean and is connected to the country by a roofed dam.

All of them can be accessed by cab or picked up from the airport. Watch our YouTube movie of Mawlamyine's Lower Main Road and for a larger choice of pictures look at our picture gallery of ours. Visa - and Mastercard-enabled cash machines are available near the town of Murlamyine, which includes a CB Bank ATM on 151 Strand Road, located at the north end near the Strand Hotel.

Just westwards of Mawlamyine is the enchanting Bilu Islands, also known as Ogre Isle. In addition to the welcoming, rural ambience (there are few other tourists) and the distinct Mon civilization, the roads in the many towns on the islands offer a large selection of crafts - among them handcrafted pipes, hiking poles, slates, trekking poles, trekking caps and even handmade cuffs.

In April 2017 a highway viaduct was opened to replace the former shuttle service from the city of Maylamyine. You can take a cab, tuk-tuk or motorcycle to the islands and surroundings. About 60 kilometers southwards of the city of Myanbyuzayat. The cemetery of the Allied Wars is located here, where POWs who died during the construction of the notorious Burma Railway (also known as the "Death Railway") are buried.

Situated 500 meters from the center of Thanbyuzayat, on the city' s westbound highway, this beautiful, scenic location is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. At the Death Rails Museum Thanbyuzayat you will find photographs, pictures and sculpture that document the construction of the railroad - but it was constructed as a pure business project and if you are looking for top-notch research or a new outlook, you will be frustrated (open 9-17 hrs, K5,000 admission).

It is reminiscent of the place where the railroad itself ended. The area is 1.5 km southwards of Thanbyuzayat, immediately after a railroad cross. More about the Burma railroad and the graveyard can be found in our Death Railroad blogs and for a larger selection of pictures in our Thanbyuzayat picture-book.

You can reach Thanbyuzayat from the town of Myanbyuzayat by coach, rail or road; the trip takes about an hours. Myanmar offers a wide range of trips including trips to Myanmar, such as the island of Myanmar, Tanbyuzayat and the area.

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