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Myanmar state Mawlamyine mon

Myanmar Mawlamyine & Mon State. Learn more about National Museum, Mon State (Mon Cultural Museum) . Maybe Mawlamyine (formerly Moulmein) is the most famous city in the state of Mon.

3-days Mawlamyine, Mon State & Karen State, Myanmar Route

There is not much room for 3 day to see Mawlamyine and the surroundings, so some decisions have to be made. Policy 1 would be the best for those who are in the area because of the Second World War and also the better policy for those who may have problems with travel.

However, the area is not equipped for people with handicaps and staircases are everywhere! If you are interested in Buddhist histories and don't have anything against walking around a few deep caverns walking around with bare feet, the best thing would be to choose 2. When 3 is not the right period for you, take a look at our 2-day trip and 5-day trip.

5-days itinerary for Mawlamyine, Mon State & Karen State, Myanmar

Five is a good day in the Mawlamyine/Mon State/Karen State area and you will be able to see a lot of what is on sale without hurrying, although there are still some decisions to be made. For those who have no free day, visit our 2-day and 3-day itineraries.

Go the Lower Main Rd and Strand Road. Have a look at the architectural design and get a feeling for the area. Hike along the jungles of Dukyi to see recently found karst cuttings and spend the night in the Meditation Retreat. Isle of Shampoo (Gaung-Say Island).

Myanmar high points

Probably the Mon were the indigenous Myanmar colonists who settled in the southern part of the state. Mon was a kingdom that prospered from the third to the eleventh cent. BC in an area that stretched from Thailand to Cambodia. The Mon have struggled with other minorities over the ages, such as Burma, Shan, Karen and Thais, but today the state of Mon is part of Myanmar.

Kyaikhtio's Golden Rock is an unbelievably beautiful and beloved touristic destination in the state of Mon. There is a small stone statue sitting on a giant rock surrounded by golden leaves, which is aligned on the top of a rocky promontory on Kyaikhtio Mountain. According to legends, the rock balance on the rocky promontory is thanks to a Buddha's coat, which is kept in the cave.

The next big car from Kyaikhto to the southern part is Thaton. Formerly the Mon Kingdom capitol and a flourishing harbour, today it is a quaint seaside resort with tree-lined roads and some large villas. Remains from the tenth centuries are only isolated clusters of bricks, and it is hard to see which solid ramparts defended Thaton.

There are two pages that are the highlight of the city's culture, but it is rather a nice place to relax and see everyday Myanmar go by. Maybe Mawlamyine (formerly Moulmein) is the most famous place in the state of Mon. From 1827 to 1852, Mawlamyine was the administration center of British Burma and is today the forth biggest Myanmar metropolis.

At the top of the hill above Mawlamyine you will find several beautiful convents and sanctuaries, all with magnificent view of the town and its docks. Further sights in Mawlamyine are the Mon Cultural Museum, the Zeigyi Market and Shampoo Island. Further southwards from Mawlamyine the highway goes through Thanbyuzayat, where there is a war cemetery with more than 3500 tombs of allied prisoners of war.

Those detainees were killed during the construction of the notorious " death railway " in World War II, which was supposed to ensure a pipeline from Thailand via Myanmar to the Andaman Sea. Approximately 25 km away from Thanbyuzayat, one meets the small coast place Kyaikkami, in which the Yele pagoda is located. It is said that the sacred chest contains Buddha relicts.

Setse, a broad sandy bay surrounded by Kasuarina tree, is a favourite with Myanmar travelers. Few international guests dare to go so far southwards as to be the focus of interest!

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