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That was good news, because we had planned to roam the ferret enclosures around the big Mawlamyine markets. The biggest market of Mawlamyine is a beehive of stalls selling clothing and household goods. Extensive, up-to-date information about Mawlamyine and Thanbyuzayat. You will find the perfect Mawlamyine Market Stock photo. Please be aware that this market is not suitable for souvenir shopping.

Mawlamyine' caoutchouc market is emerging

Myanmar's first key market for caoutchouc will be established in Mawlamyine, Mon State, as the government seeks to help the oil and gas industries with low oil costs and slow selling. It is the country's leading manufacturer of caoutchouc and is regarded as a "promising export" in Myanmar's National Strategy of Exports (NES). On the other hand, due to problems of product qualitiy and declining world market price, growers have difficulties selling their products on the international market.

NES underlines the need for a key caoutchouc market, said U Win Myint, head of the Department of Export Promotion at the Ministry of Trade. The plant is to be constructed on a site belonging to the Ministry of Commerce in Mawlamyine and is administered by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and the Myanmar Rubber Planters and Producers Association (MRPPA).

"This facility will help growers selling their goods," said MRPPA clerk U Khaing Myint. Exportsers can buy on the market through an auctions system - growers can deny the sale if they are not satisfied with the offer, although they will be black listed if they do not buy at their offer prices, he said.

In addition to Mon State, the Tanintharyi, Bago and Apeyarwady areas are also important manufacturers of rubbers. The Mon State was the first choise for a market as it is the biggest manufacturer, said Khaing Myint. next year. Khaing Myint said that a bill is being prepared and that a regulator must also be set up.

Japan has helped to establish a lab in Yangon to test caoutchouc qualities, and Myanmar is also seeking to become a member of the International Rubber Association (IRA) in Malaysia. We need our lab to become a member because every accredited laboratory-certified device is recognized worldwide," said Mr. MYINT.

Myanmar's producers of caoutchouc have a hard time producing high value added goods. According to MRPPA, only one of the country's four tire plants - the tire plant in Yangon - can be exported. The state owns three of the country's four tire plants, two of which are held by the Ministry of Industries and the other by the army, and their qualities do not meet world standards, the Federation said.

The Yangon Tyre Factory, the only private factory, has been shipping 800 units by ship to Malaysia for two years. Through the export of a combined 3200 tires at a price of USD 60 each, the enterprise has made about USD 200,000, said Htin Kyaw Oo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. tires. Manufacturers believe that this kind of achievement indicates the need for more exportable plants.

Federation chairman U Aung Myint Htoo said during a Yangon meeting last month: "We should have more of those factories".

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