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Locate and book hotels, motels or hostels in Mawlamyine. Rent Mawlamyine Fast: Bed and Breakfast, hotel, apartments, hostels, holiday homes for travel and tourism in Mawlamyine. The Attran Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in Mawlamyine. We were not particularly enthusiastic about rat-contaminated, brothel-like hostels going to prison. Mawlamyine herself has not much to offer.

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Myanmar's third biggest town, Mawlamyne, lies 300 kilometers southeast of Yangon across the Gulf of Mottama at the estuary of the Thanlwin stream.

Myanmar's third biggest town, Mawlamyne, lies 300 kilometers southeast of Yangon across the Gulf of Mottama at the estuary of the Thanlwin stream. However, some hostels and guesthouses are available. Mawlamyaing, the story capital of British Burma during 1826-52, was the backdrop for George Orwell's âShooting on Elephantâ.

Formerly known as Moulmein, the town had a considerable Anglo-Burmese settlement and thriving natural caoutchouc factory. South-East Myanmar gate, the town has the longest railway and highway viaduct, the Thanlwin Bridg. Mawlamyine, unlike Yangon and Mandalay, is Myanmar's most popular attraction. The town is known for its marina, new markets, marinas, pagodas, bridges and Mawlamyaing University.

The most important sights are the Thanlwin Bridge, the longest in Myanmar, the Bago Shwemawdaw pit, the Kanbawathardi Mansion, Shwethlyaung or lying Buddha, Gaw guns, Thanlwin Rivers, Sadan and Kawkathaung caverns, Pha Gath caverns and Zwekabin hills. Besides the Mawlamyine Square, the beach street and the Kyaikmaraw Wooden Floors you can also see the Kyaikhtihsaung Woods, Shwe YinMyaw Woods, Mahaumi Woods, Kyikthanlan Woods, Baw Di KoeHtaung Woods and Kyaipawlaw Woods.

A Guide to Convenient Travel Mawlamyine coach terminus du quartier Myay Ni Gone a été ouvert en avril 2007, suivi d'une nouvelle gare ferroviaire. There are frequent busses to Yangon. The baggage check-in service provided by the busses is outstanding. When returning to Yangon, foreign nationals need four photocopies of their passports and visas, which would be handed over to the local authority on the way.

There are three train connections from Yangon to Mottama and ferries on the Than Lwin River in Mawlamyine. Trips out of the town are the primary means of entertaining people. The town' s primary foreign tongue is Burmese, followed by Chinese. Myanmaryat is used in the town for all operations, although some buses charge US dollar fees to non-residents.

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