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Please use the links below to jump to a specific section of our sights and activities for Mawlamyine. Activities in Mawlamyine, Myanmar: Explore the best activities in Mawlamyine, including Mahamuni (Bahaman) Paya, Daw Yee, Kyaikthanlan Paya. Myanmar Mawlamyine - not your usual touristic destination With so many adventure beginning, we began our journey to Mawlamyine Myanmar in real unawareness, but with the best of purposes. Lonely Planet said that in the "first few February days" there was a great celebration to commemorate the birth of a certain friar who had set himself the task of making the biggest lying Buddha in the whole wide universe, Win Sein Taw Ya.

It was to take place at this huge lying Buddha, which was visited by thousand of friars and travellers, and manyo festivals, especially a Thai fighters' competition. Seven inches later we reached Mawlamyine, a small city leading Burma's southerly tip along the Thai promontory.

My Mawlamyine was smoking. Let us see the great Buddha anyway! We four have a tuke touke, which is a pick-up trucks in Burma with two banks going down the length of the mattress and a blanket above to take us to the Buddha, Win Sein Taw Ya.

Probably they were on schedule and at the fair, so they got sculptures. Buddha himself is huge. Leaning back, the Buddha on his side is a portrayal of Buddha at the age of his 6 years of fasting, when he was too tired to be sitting or standing to welcome people who wanted his counsel.

Um, yeah, so the dude hasn't had a bite to eat in six years, and folks still bother him. Buddha and I think that's the big deal. Having spent a very loud evening in the noisiest room I've ever had (Grand Central Station came to my head in pain), we all went to the riverfront to take a trip across Bilu Kyun or, in English, Ogre Island.

It was an experience in itself because the Ogre Island was definitely not a touristy one. Loaded with all kinds of goods and human beings, the boating was, in my opinion, what it was all about. We can go on a tour to Ogre Island, through the Breeze Inn, but they are full time and we just didn't want to get up so early.

We' ve been taken through parts of the archipelago and through some towns. Because who doesn't need a blackboard made on an ogre island? No. It was a beautiful one. This is the home of the Mon, one of the many Burmese ethnical groups.

They were very smiling. Whenever we passed a group of children, even just a few children, their greetings and screams would eclipse the engine that drives the touk touc that says something, believe me! Every town on the isle had its own handicraft specialty, which everyone worked and occupied.

It is largely independent, although the goods that come from the continent all come from this beautiful shuttle. Returning to the city was both quicker and more convenient, although Classic Emily, I ended up seated next to the one lady on the boot who wanted to express herself with body function, sounds and liquids.

It was so happy that we had gone to the isle, but it was that Lizzie and I went back northerly and Mat and Jess went southerly. And they were on their way to the sea, and we went to the temple of Bagan, for it was said that the temple was a great thing.

So, we got on the first of many overnight busses, a 13 hours trip to Mandalay with the possibility to drive directly from Bagan, according to how we felt and how much we detested the Mandalay school. Myanmar beers are the most important in Myanmar. A full gallon is $2. I like Burma's music.

Then after Buddha we paused at a hill and climbs up to observe the sun set. I found out on the way to the isle how deliciously cooked groundnuts are. Burmese woman carry this on her face, it comes from the rind or roots of a forest and is a blank or cream pasty on her face.

In Burma, seat allocation in coaches is one thing. The allocation of places in busses, in which constantly passengers get in and out, has astonished me again and again. Lizzie and I were sitting next to each other on the Mandalay coach, but there were only two other guys on the coach, so I pulled over and we both took two places in the same line.

Well, that was it from southburma, we really liked to get out of the hustle and bustle of Yangon and go a little off the beaten track, but then we immediately sprang right back on it to get to Bagan! I would have liked to go further southwards to reach some of our shores, but unfortunately we didn't have the necessary amount of free beach space.

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