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5 activities in Mawlamyine (Moulmein)

Myanmar is a small touristic destination, but it is a true glimpse into the past years. Cruise the roads of Mawlamyine and follow in the tracks of Orwell as you explore this scenic harbour on the water. You are welcome to Mawlamyine. It is a peaceful place with few automobiles but many rollers. Oddly enough, it gives you a feeling of peace in a cityscape.

Mawlamyine' s inhabitants are rather small in comparison to its dimensions, and the building is really very old, so that one feels as if in a time far away from the present. A lot of people come to Mawlamyine only as a stop on the way to Hpa-an and Dawei. That' really a pity, because they miss the jewels in town.

On the outside it is just another place, but scrape the top and look deep and you will soon start to see Mawlamyine and how it is. Here is our listing of activities in Mawlamyine and some of the gemstones you can explore. Marlamyine is a small village on the bank of the Thanlwin River.

Along the riverbank runs Strand Street, one of the city's most frequented meeting places. Coming directly from Bogyoke Rd, you will come directly to the beginning of Strand Rd. Go along the sidewalk and you will soon notice that it is not only humans who use this street.

Gulls come to Strand Road every night. All you have to do is come and see her. Savour your supper and a cocktail in front of an crowd, while a hot wind rustle your head and the sunset in the faraway. It was a very memorable night. For a good look at Mawlamyine, head to Kyeik Than Lan Pagoda on a hillside with views of the town.

It was only last year that the town received power on a steady basis, which is why most people say they go to sleep quite early. If you want to try some quiet place for some time, or if you want to see what it's like to be a friar, you should go to the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery.

A little outside of Mawlamyine is the Kyite Ma Yaw Pagoda Street, out of the town and Palm Tree Rd. will soon appear in front of you. From both sides of the street the flowers welcome you with the scent of ripe palm fruits scattered on the soils.

Get there before lunchtime and if you are fortunate enough to see the Palmtree Climber you will be drinking some refreshing, sugary Palmtree sap. Native people believe that it is only possible to get the sap by lunch. Afterwards, the sap becomes sour, tastes bitterly sugary and turns into liquor (ideal for the treeclimbers who are stretching their feet and enjoying a sip on a long sunny morning on the trees).

At about 10 o'clock in the morning we drove there and saw the men carry sap from the tree in longish pails. Switch on your charms and ask if you can taste them or take your cash out and exchange it for a brio. It' fantastic to drink a glass of sap!

Oh, and don't you forget to pick up an empty box, because the natives won't be selling one if you don't ask them to. If it comes to nutritional creativeness, Mawlamyine is very well known. It' a Mon State meal, but a very uncommon one in Myanmar. You can also enjoy the cooked mushrooms with a side plate of lettuce.

Because mangoes are only available in the summers, the local people usually dine this meal during the Thingyan Festival in the hottest part of the year. When it comes to making the smoky waters, there are a few complex footsteps, which is why the cooking is rare any more. Attempt to make every endeavor to find a good place to dine or house that can provide you this particular meal if you can.

Mawlamyine' Durian is one of its major brands. The Myo Ma Night Market is located on Strand Road, towards the end of the Motta Ma Bridge. There we tried an original meal from India, which the natives call Pan Thay Noodle. Mawlamyine' s not just a regular place. When you leave the suburbs of the old quarter, you realize how particular the times were there.

Burma is known as a welcoming place, and nowhere is this more the case than in Mawlamyine. Everyone from purchasing juices from the Palmtree climber to visits to the Pa-Auk Forest Monastery is avoiding to welcome you. So why don't you go see Mawlamyine and take a close look?

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