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Walked in a small group to Mawlamyaing and remained on the beach. On the one hand, the situation is perfect, directly on the bank, with a view of the ocean, the viaduct and the pagoda-covered hill, especially at sundown. Is the only thing to ask is why the rooms are in front of a hallway with such a view, while the window goes from the room to the back and a park?

The furnishing was not luxury, but completely appropriate and practical. The employees were kind and supportive, overall a good overall and better than anticipated for the site.


inf Mawlamyaing is the capitol of the Mon state and a large commercial center of Myanmar. It is the third biggest town in the state and the second biggest sea port. It is an old Mon town, its initial name was "Mont me lein". In 1826, the Yandabo Agreement, which ended the First Anglo-Myanm War, gave Mawlamyaing to the British.

At that time it was only a small hamlet until Sitke Maun, Htaw Lay, Dala Municipality Hall Major, took more than 10,000 Mon men in more than 200 yachts to the area. Located on the banks of the Thanlwin River on the lefthand shore before it flows into the ocean 28 leagues below the city, it is bordered by rolling countryside to the south.

It is generally descending to the western side and its length in front of the stream is much greater than its width. Near the seaside and at the junction of four streams, it has a balanced environment that, together with the fertility of its land, has encouraged the growing of cereals, cultivars and fruit-groves.

The city has a good connection to Yangon, which is linked by roads, rails, seaways, and law. The Thanlwin River Viaduct is now complete and can be reached by auto within a few minutes from Yangon. Mawlamyaing' roads and railway connections along the Thanintharyi coast will also be expanded and upgraded.

Soon, rail traffic from Ye to the south will be expanded to Myeik, while the highway will be upgraded to provide a seamless connection with Kawthaung at the South. Lake Mawlamyaing is well known for the Transition into New Year (Thingyan) in April, a week-long aquatic event, while the October edition of the Moungmagan Fest was always well-visited.

  • Mount Mahamuni is the biggest Mahamuni Puagoda in Mawlamyaing. - Walking on the Kyaikthanlan is the highest and most conspicuous page. - A Monastery where King Mindon's Queen Seindon took refuge after the last royal refuge Year built: n.a. Directions: local_phone n.a. Treasured taxi fare: a.

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