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The Optimist Club of Valley Forge

Last evening Michael Fabrizio was honoured for his 14 years as a trainer, instructor and caretaker in the Upper Merion Area School District. Mr Fabrizio is the director of the lower school. He is a member of the Middle School Instructional Support Team and the Student Assistance Program and is in charge of over 600 fifth and 6th-graders.

Mr. Fabrizio is a voluntary mentor for our high schools who helps them with educational, societal and behavioural needs. He' is in charge of the development of the optimistic calender for the year to get the most out of young people. Organizing and hosting the Tri-Star Basketbal Competition, the Route 23 Highway Cleanup, the Pumpkin Decoration at the Farmers' Market and the Young Appreciation Award Ceremony Dinner.

It began with a programme of classic repertoire presented by the High School Chamber Group under the leadership of Ms. Diana Helmetag and ended with a readings of the Optimistic Claim. Emma Straw and David Marques, two freshmen from Upper Merion Area High School's ninth graders, were presented with the Best Youth Appreciation Awards at a festive meal at Michael's restaurant in King Prussia on November 6.

It is a member of the Octagon Club, SADD, DECA Business Club and the Cross Country and Track and Field Teams. Their services umfasst die SPCA Fundraiser, Salvation Army Toys for Tots, den MS Walk, die American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, das Recycling-Programm, Canned food Drives und die Township Fair.

Their university graduates, track and field athletes and their services make them a good example for their colleagues and members of the Upper Merion Community. His work at the university is illustrated by the optimist club's characteristics with a big day. Besides his graduates, David is a member of the Viking High-School-Marching Band, Concert and Advanced Bands, Concert Choir and the Upper Merion Area High-School Underground Players.

He also participates in many charitable causes such as the Upper Merion Fellowship Fair, volunteering on Challenger Day, collecting groceries and clothes for the poor, and participating in the yearly MS Walk. The members of the Optimist Club are known as the "Friends of Youth". Govenor for the Northeast Region Kathleen Marchec presented quotations to President LaVera Seymour, Secretary Garfield Jackson and Treasurer Randy Charles.

This award was presented for her work on the Optimist Club of Valley Forge. Optimist Club of Valley Forge presented honors to Upper Merion Area High School seniors Kush Gupta and Danielle Sanfelice. At the beginning of her teaching careers as an Englishman, Dr. Callaghan later held various administrational positions in the Nazareth school district, among others as head of curriculum and teaching as well as head of middle school.

Dr. Callaghan was employed in the Upper Merion Area School District and was Assistant Superintendent for seven years. Dr. Karen Geller, Head of Intermediate and Master of Ceremonies, greeted 50 participants for supper, which took place on February 21 at the King of Preussia Crowne Plaza. Michael Fabrizio, Deputy Director of the Middle School and Vice President of the Optimist Club, paid tribute to the former prize-winning students who also took part in the dinner: Charles Tucker, Dr. Geller, Diana Helmetag, John Funk, Phil Piazza and John Adiletto.

It began with a programme of classic repertoire presented by the High school Chamber Group under the baton of Mrs. Helmetag. The members of the Optimist Club are known as" Friends of Youth" and aim to "get the best out of youth". This Youth Appreciation Award honours the high scholastic newcomer, who stands for management, fellowship, character as well as a good temper.

"We' re very proud of everything these two youngsters have achieved," said Michael Fabrizio, deputy director of the Upper Merion Area Middleschule. "Sal Rotondo, former director of Bridgeport Elementary presented the prizes. "Your name will also appear on the badge in the Gymnasium foyer, which contains the name of all past Youth Appreciation Awardwinner.

During junior high, Hope was a member of the Cross Country, Spring Track and Lacrosse teams. He was also a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Presidential Award Winner, Student of the Month in grades 5 to 8, flautist in the group, member of the stage crew, Girl Scouts, Secretary of Jr. Friends in the Upper Merion Citieship Library, a honorary storyteller/moderator during the culture week for the citieship and a Vacation Bible School volunteer.

Hope is currently a 2016 grade volunteer college and secretary, a member of the Octagon Club, French Club and Princess Project; a services group through which dressed up performers attend hospital and orphanage wards. At secondary Mittelschule war ZeShawn Mitglied der National Jr. Honor Society, Mittel lschule, and Park and Recreation Baseball and Basketball Team, et Soccer, et équipes d'athlétisme.

ZeShawn currently competes in football and basketball for the High School, Competition Edge Sports and is a member of the Islamic Society of Greater Valley Forge. The members of the Optimist Club are known as the "Friends of Youth". Crush Childhood Cancer took place on Saturday, 4.12.12. in the UM Township Building Park. Ms. Paradis is a high-schooler, who was named Youth of the Month by VFOC in March for organising this meeting.

Third party indemnity cover from Optimiist provided for the protection of the conference. Last Saturday, the Club of Valley Forge Optimists carried out its 20th edition of this year' s street cleaning at the Upper Merion Area High School with the help of the Octagon Club. It is always great that the Octagon Club and its consultant, Ms Kenny, work with us," said Randy Charles, chairman of the team.

" Members of the Upper Merion Area High School Octagon Club teamed up with the Optimist Club of Valley Forge to clean up Valley Forge Road (Route 23) near Bridgeport, PA. Optimist Club of Valley Forge is cleaning part of PA Route 23 from Bridgeport Borough Line through the Upper Merion Township in early and autumn.

Ms Eileen Kenny, (second from left) the Octagon Club consultant, is accompanied by Upper Merion High School pupils (from left) Clair Cundill, Adam Reynolds, Mickey Bellace and Emily Canale. The group supported the Optimist Club of Valley Forge in the bi-annual cleaning of waste and recyclable materials along a section of Valley Forge Road in Upper Merion Township.

Upper Merion Township Department's Detective Brendan Dougherty was presented with the Optimist Club of Valley Forge Respect for Law Awards at a Michaels Deli dining out. This prize is awarded yearly to the Policeman of the Year, chosen by the 64 members of the Polizei.

It was presented by District Judge Bill Maruszczack, founding member of the Optimist Club and former member of the Uppererion PD. He is with Detective Les Glauner, a former Optimist Club chairman and currently an officer of the Upper Merion Youth Aid Panel. Judges Bill Maruszczack, Katie Dougherty, Detective Brendan Dougherty, LaVera Seymour, Chairman of the Optimist Club of Valley Forge, and Lt. Jim Early of the Upper Merion Policy Department salute Mr. Dougherty as this year's Upper Merion Officer of the Year and this year' s winner of the Optimist Club Respect for Law Awards.

About 50 children defied a chilly but quiet breakfast to go fishing for trouts in the Optimist Club of Valley Forgerout. This year' s meeting was on Saturday mornings ( (4/2) on the lake behind the Upper Merion Township Building on the opening of the southeastern Pennsylvania area.

Approximately 40 grown-ups, mainly families and grandchildren, were helping, but were not permitted to go fishing until 10 am. "It was a nice start to the salmon fishing seasons, but the freezing temperatures made the 250 species we had in stock a little less aggressively," said Susan DeMedio, President of the Optimist Club.

" Attendees and grown-ups line the shore of the lake behind the Upper Merion township for trout rodeo organised by the Optimist Club of Valley Forge. "Trout rodeo is an yearly programme of the Optimist Club that has been running for many years," said Dan Russell, director of Upper Merion Parks and Recreation.

"We' re delighted that they are organising and running the lake side activity behind the Upper Merion Township Building and we always include them in our Upper Merion Park and Recreation Spring programme calendars. "Tom Hough, a former chairman of the Rotary Foundation, said, "The Optimist Valley Forge can and will go on offering activities for young people in the region, such as trout rodeo.

"Our club's funding from good business people like Wachovia allows us to do more for more children. "The Optimist Club of Valley Forge Trout Rodeo winner are (from left) Ethan Clementi (biggest fry, lads 8-15); Isabella Veneziale (smallest fry, lads 8-15); Morgan Heavner (biggest fry, lads 8-15), Spenser Harrity (smallest fry, lads under 8 ) and Mac Barry (smallest fry, lads 8-15).

Behind are the Optimist Club members Scott Sibley and Michael Fabrizio. Prussian King Morgan Heavner shows her 20 in. brownrout and Christian Urquhard shows his 13 in. brownrout at the Optimist Club of Valley Forgerout Rodeo. One of the most popular sports clubs in the world, the Optimist Club of Valley Forge Tri-Star has attracted several dozens of budding hockey pros to the Upper Merion Middle School fitness studio on March 26.

Optimist Club of Valley Forge presented prizes to the three best guys and three best women in each group. The competition was judged and prizes awarded by nine members of the Optimist Club. Winner in the ages 5 to 7 and 8 to 10 years in the Optimist Club of Valley Forge Tri-Star Basketball Skills Competition show their trophy.

Back rows of Optimist Club members (from left) are Sal Rotondo, Scott Sibley, Randy Charles, Judge Bill Maruszczack, Ken Seymour and Bill Gittens. "We' re very happy with the collaboration of the children who took part in this event," said Michael Fabrizio, Assistant Principal at Upper Merion High School and this year' s Tri-Star basketball competition team.

" Jimmy Bartley, Andrew Wu and Cole Gemmill are complimented by Optimist Club member and pensioned Upper Merion School Principal Sal Rotondo. On Saturday night, the Optimist Club of Valley Forge, in conjunction with the Central Presbyterian Church, hosted a supper in honor of Martin Luther King for the 70 inhabitants of Norristown to help the needy.

The Optimist Club's four grown-up members and four young King of Prussia staff members assisted in the preparation of the food. LaVera Seymour, President of the Optimist Club of Valley Forge, organised the volunteer programme of the Central Presbyterian Church. "Whilst our Optimist Club is organised to offer opportunity to young adults in the region, our members help those in need in many ways," Seymour said.

"We' ve got members who work in Montgomery County's Youth Aid Panel, others who are still travelling to the Gulf to help reconstruct Katrina. "The Optimist Club of Valley Forge encourages many local young talent events, which include speaker, composition and sporting competitions.

The 45-member Optimist Club of Valley Forge is looking for new members who want to help the club offer more programmes for our young people in the region. The Optimist Club of Valley Forge and four young King of Prussia staff members assisted in preparing and serving food for 70 people.

Upper Merion Township, several scout groups from Upper Merion became an optimist for one night and worked with the Martin Luther King Committee to make biscuits. On January 19, 2011, the municipality jointly presented the Martin Luther King Junior National Holiday Program at the Upper Merion Middle School.

One of my co-optimists, Dr. Karen, would say: "This is indeed a fellowship that care. "More than fifty young people adorned squashes at the Upper Merion Farmers' market last Saturday. Optimist Valley Forge organised the free of charge meeting and provided the squashes and material to the group. "Every child took home their completed masterpiece," said LaVera Seymour, Chairwoman of the Rotary World.

" The Optimist Valley Forge is part of Optimist International, whose motto is "Bringing out the Best in Youth". "The members of the Rotary Peace Fellowship are committed to good governance, compliance with the laws, and the advancement of young communities. Optimist Valley Forge promotes many local young talent events, which include essays and sporting competitions.

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