Maungmagan Beach Resort Hotel

The Maungmagan Beach Resort Hotel

Celebrate the beach and look for a good hotel in Dawei. Only a handful of hotels. The Maungmagan Beach Resort was recently opened while another hotel is under construction.

Just a good hotel in Maungmagan Beach - Review of Maung Magan Beach Resort, Dawei, Myanmar

From Dawei it is 30 to 40 min to the hotel. Don't anticipate checking into this hotel early, as you won't be able to check in until 1 pm. A rich and varied breakfasts are served and a neat and well-run menu is provided. All in all, this is the only nice and respectable hotel in Maungmagan Beach.

The Maungmagan Beach Resort, Maungmagan Beach, Myanmar

Located just 15 kilometres to the north-west of Dawei, Maungmagan Beach Resort provides you with easy but tidy, comfortable rooms, the perfect place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the city. The resort is mainly used by natives with few foreigners. The Maung Magan Beach Resort has a wide range of shellfish menus at affordable rates.

Rooms, security service, baggage deposit and transfers can be organized around the clock at the hotel receptio.

The Maungmagan Beach Resort Maungmagan, Myanmar (23 customer reviews). Booking Hotel Maungmagan Beach Resort

There' s also a sitting area to sit and unwind after a strenuous beach outing. Maungmagan Beach Resort is just a stone's throw from the beach and features a restuarant, lounge, bar and cozy rooms. Maungmagan Beach Resort has a 24-hour reception service with concierges, baggage deposit and transfers to and from the city.

It is not possible to accommodate a child in the hotel.

Myanmar's beach booming for the wellbeing of all

Cabyar Wa beach. Further southwards the beach of Maungma-gan near Dawei in the Tanintharyi region was also full of people, even international guests. The few Boston owned and operated Maungmagan properties were fully occupied due to the shortage of accommodations and the rates were much higher than most. Whilst these two shores outside Myanmar - and in the case of Kabyar Wa outside the state of Mon - are little known, they have the capacity to become important tourist resorts and bring their municipalities the much needed commercial growth.

However, many other nice sandy areas throughout the entire land have not yet been "discovered" by people. The Kabyar Wa is situated in the town of Khaw Zar, about 25 kilometers from Ye at the south end of the state of Mon. The coast is nice and wide, but since the tourists have only arrived in the last few month, there are no hotel, pensions, restaurant or means of transportation.

However, in view of the area' s capacity, some wealthy individuals have already tried to acquire land as an investment. The Maungmagan in Tanintharyi is better known, but mostly a small tourist area. There' s only a few of them. The Maungmagan Beach Resort was recently opened while another hotel is under development.

Approximately 500 meters from the beach is the Coconut Guesthouse, but otherwise this first-class piece of sea front country is full only of barns that sell under a series of casualina plants for eating and drinking. Recently, Dawei's entrance through the Htee Khee frontier gateway has led to many more foreign visitors to the area.

Maungmagan beach therefore has considerable tourism-promise. To design these shores, the federal administration must deliver the necessary assistance in a number of areas, to include managing developments to make sure that the advantages are felt with the people. For an example of what not to do, look at Ngwe Saung and Chaungtha in the Ayeyarwady region.

As these two wonderful sandy areas were discovered, the former administration confiscated and paid little reparation for the confiscation of coveted coke plantation along the coast by locals. She assigned the confiscated property to a fistful of her friends and gave them a permit to construct them. Accommodation was developed along the entire bank and blocked the beach area.

Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung both look more like friendly beach than a place of rest. Most of the coastlines are not like this. First and foremost, the beach is open to the general public. 3. Most of the time it is not possible to build a hotel between the beach and the city.

Local people are permitted to run small businesses near the beach. Unfortunately, in Chaungtha and Ngwe Saung a few hotel and coach companies can take full use of the shopping possibilities, while the local people stay on the outside. Sellers are forbidden to sell their goods on the beach and are even forcibly taken away by the cops.

Hotel owners work under the shelter of the municipal government and the cops, while the salesmen are not even able to make a livelihood. Being well-managed means to share businesses and beach gains between the investor and the people. That should be an important considerations when the government approves the building of properties and resort in Kabyar Wa, Maungmagan Beach and others that appear on schedule.

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