Maungmagan Beach Myanmar

Myanmar Beach Maungmagan

Maungmagan's famous beach, this long beach is full of culture and activities, sights, bungalows and food, amazingly fresh. After Ngapali, it is the second oldest beach resort in Myanmar. The Maungmagan Beach is located in the Tanintharyi Division near Dawei, the capital of the state. Thought about Myanmar as the land of sunset!

The Maungmagan Beach near Dawei Myanmar

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The Maungmagan Beach Dawei & other amazing beaches of Dawei, South Myanmar

The Maungmagan Beach, Dawei, in southern Myanmar was a real suprise for us. Actually we only expected the south-east Asian heaven' beach in the south of Thailand and were thrilled to see that the Dawei beach in southern Burma is also amazing. Maungmagan Beach is the most popular of these paradisiacal shores near Dawei, Myanmar and one of the best in Myanmar in general.

Below I would like to tell you more about the beaches of Dawei, Myanmar, especially the beach of Maungmagan, for your final travel adventure in southern Myanmar. Daweei is a small, sleepy harbour city in southern Myanmar. Where' s Dawei? Is it the best season to go to Dawei? In any case, the streets to Dawei are not yet in a really good state, since the south of Myanmar has only recently been opened for tourists.

A further way to get to Dawei, which is not connected by street, is by air. They can fly from Yangon or Bangkok to Dawei. Find the best flights with Kiwi. Is this your first visit to Myanmar? Visit our Ultimate Myanmar Guide for important information and hands-on advice before your journey to Myanmar.

A way to get to Maungmagan or the other Dawei beach is to hire a motorbike and ride there yourself. There are good road conditions to Maungmagan Beach, so it is not so difficult to use it. The streets that lead to the other Dawei and Dawei are quite poor and therefore we do not suggest to go there alone.

The Maungmagan Beach, Myanmar and Ngapali Beach are the most visited and renowned beaches in Myanmar. Maungmagan is about 12 km from Dawei and is the closest beach to the port city. Maungmagan Beach can be broadly defined as "the beach where the emperor's Concubines bathe".

Even today this beach is still a place well frequented by local people. Therefore, if you want to go to this breathtaking beach, you should come here on week days to relax and unwind on your own. Maungmagan Beach is not the beach you might think of when you think of South East Asia shores.

But that doesn't make this beach any less nice. Once you have enjoyed the beach and the ocean, a number of eateries are awaiting you to sample some of Burma's crisp shellfish and local cuisine and admire the magnificent views over the beach. And if you are not yet happy, you can take a restful snooze in one of the beach side hammocks.

The Maungmagan is a fantastic Dawei Myanmar beach for a half or full days outing. But if you are looking for a real paradise beach, you should also visit one of the other Dawei sands. Visit Myanmar on a budget? For a little bit of cash when you visit Myanmar, you should take a look at our Ultimate Myanmar Budget Guide, which includes all our 27 days of Myanmar expenses.

Nabule Beach can be difficult to find because it's a little out there. It' about 18 km north of Maungmagan Beach. However, after you have arrived here, it is definitely rewarding, as you will probably not find anyone else on this beach except for a few small stores. It is a beach of dark golden sands, a great place to unwind.

The bay of San Maria is about 45 minutes by car from Maungmagan beach. The journey is much more difficult than to Maungmagan Beach and the state of the streets is bad. From Maungmagan Beach you will find the bay of San Maria towards the Myawwyik Pagoda, which is very well known in the area.

San Maria Bay is a wonderful beach that offers the ultimative heaven feel and you probably won't find anyone there anymore. The Teyzit Beach is another beach considered to be the most attractive in the area. If you are travelling to Southeast Asia, please review our End-Mate Packing Lists for him and her.

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