Maungmagan Beach Dawei

Dawei Maungmagan Beach

I was there with a friend and the beach itself is beautiful. There' s garbage on the beach. Accommodation, meals and activities at Maungmagan Beach.

Prawns at Maungmagan Beach, Dawei

An outrageous 4-hour drive from Mawlamyine to Maungmagan Beach, Dawei in a crammed mini van, without A/C at 40°C, on shock streets, with a rider who thought he was driving a Ferrari! There was no need to go swimming on the beach because we were already drenched in the sun and the war!

Thankful to be still in one more bit, we dumped our pockets and took the 10 steps onto the beach.... heaven! So after 3 winters with burning temperature and moisture we were looking forward to being able to go in for a dip! Burmese are very humble in their clothes and the Burmese are forced to swimm fully dressed, they even have what they call "bathrobes".

Many of them don't carry them, they usually float in denim. Every so often when we reached a cascade, stream or aquapark, Tai would happily dive in as I was sitting in a pool of my own sweat and wished I could be a little kid. The Maungmagan Beach is a 30 minutes car ride from Dawei.

Maung Ma Gan is also freely translated as "where the emperor's concubine baths". The beach is the longest part of the longest part of the beach that goes on forever, so I can see why the Concubines would have liked it. There are not many aliens here, it is still a place where humility reigns and most people are still dressed in denim and T-shirts.

On the other hand, the fact that we were two blond aliens gave us some weird looks, even when we were fully attired. Wednesdays can be quite frantic with local people who play football, picnic and swim in blasted inner conduits that are for hire all up and down the beach, so if you are looking for some quiet beach-time try target for week days instead of weekends.

On the northern side of the beach there is a long distance of old fashioned houses and stores that sell clothing and memorabilia. During the beach has sellers sell groceries, pantaloons and jewelry. Maungmagan Beach Resort's restuary is right by the sea and the meals were good.

The Maungmagan Beach Resort was right on the beach, so it was a great place, the employees were kind and speak a little English, but it was definitely a bit expensive for what they had to provide. Coconut Beach Resort is the other type of lodging, although it is not on the beach.

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