Maungmagan Beach Accommodation

Moungmagan Beach Accommodation

So we threw on our swimsuits and drove to the beach of Maungmagan. The Maungmagan Beach Resort is a beautiful accommodation in Maungmagan. Sharing and enjoying The Maungmagan Village Reserve; $30-50 Maybe a loosely used use of the term "resort", this locally government-run facility is still a mid-level accommodation. Located on the beach, the residence has a state-of-the-art soundsystem with audio-soundsystem that plays most of the days and nights, but the management learns quickly and the place improves.

The only bungalow in Maungmagan that actually offers a good seaview, the rooms are very simple and without fans. At the moment outbuildings are being built, which will enhance the use of the bungalow. This bungalow is located near the beloved Shae Moe Pagoda, about 50 km from Maungmagan Village at a very affordable price of about $50 per person per city.

Maungmagan Beach Accommodation - Thorn Tree

Hi, I just got back from Maungmakan. Maungmakan Beach Resort, as the name of the resort is now given, is a beautiful place, but it is very upbeat. At least a kilometer from the place was our chalet (no. 800) and we could still listen to the drunk singing in the karaoke. On the right of Maungmakan Beach Resort, but still to your lefthand side of the beach street, are two smaller apartments.

There is a large new DDCP bungalows building 2 km to the right of the promenade, which asks "Coconut Bungalows" for reservations, where customers are accommodated when they are full.

The Maungmagan and Dawei miniibreak | Burmese cuisine in London

On Saturday morning we were up for our plane to Dawei. It took just over an hours to get to Dawei and led over a wonderful mountain and coastal landscape. When we arrived, INS wrote our ID data in a big-library. Then we started the next job, to find a collector to take us to the guest house.

It took about 40 min. to drive through a luxuriant landscape of villages, hills and eventually to the beach of Maungmagan. At about 10 o'clock we reached the Coconut Guesthouse. It is the first accommodation in the area open to foreign visitors. Being in Myanmar in 2012, you were permitted to come to Dawei but had to remain within the boundaries of the town ('we didn't make it this time); this has been reversed in the last six month, so we can now explore the area, which is great for us.

and drove to the beach at Maungmagan. It is well known to the Myanmar population, with a long distance of beach bars and some stores. But the only downside was that there were no trash cans.

There are also hounds and as much as I am fond of them, I have been careful with some of them. We''d walk along the beach for a while and everyone was very nice. Spending the whole afternoon comfortably, we enjoyed the cool shade in the guest house and chatted with the other invited people.

Then we drove back to the beach for sundown, escorted by one of the faithful guest house bitches who watched us in front of some of the beachhounds. For supper in the guest house we had a tasty roasted seafood with'dawei sauces' - we could recognize limes, seafood gravy, chili. First we drove to Myawyik Puagoda, which is situated just to the south of Maungmagan (45 minutes drive).

It' really scenic and quiet with wonderful view back over Maungmagan. When we returned to the guest house in the afternoons we had a welcome showers and asked for a shrimp for supper. There were no such things, but they called and succeeded in getting us one (they are really so obliging and supportive here).

So we went to the Maungmagan beach before supper at sundown and saw a pork on the beach like you. On the next morning we said goodbye to Maungmagan and went to Dawei for one evening. Here was our next job - the search for mom's old cousin Eddie, who is living in Dawei.

It turns out that she is living nearby and knows who he is ('He is the Englischlehrer'). Thus we spend the whole afternoon strolling through the Dawei street, admire the old timber houses and enjoy the serenity. At a large China eatery near the hotels we ate warm and pickled seafood.

With the Wi-Fi in the motel this mornings, to work for the next weeks before the return to Yangon.

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