Maungmagan Beach

The Maungmagan Beach

The Maungmagan is a beautiful beach in the Thanintharyi Division. Sharing and enjoying Maungmagan (also called Maung Ma Gan or Maung Ma Kan beach) is the second most important beach in Myanmar after Ngapali. On this voyage, his retinue spend a significant part of his life on Maungmagan Beach, and the name has remained unchanged ever since.

Maungmagan was the English beach for relaxation and teas during the British Empire. Ever since, the natives have adopted the beach as their prime week-end recreation, as they play football/chilo on the beach and swim in inner tubes on the canal. Only 12 kilometres from Dawei City, the beach is not very well connected and serves primarily the inhabitants of Dawei.

This makes the beach very calm during the week. The gem of the beach are the small-scale, family-run restaurant with a 300-metre-long beach section. The Maungmagan is best used as an accommodations basis to discover the other beautiful northern and southern sands.

Fishermen town at the south end of Maungmagan Beach. The Myawyik Pagode & San Maria BayThis small peninsula can be seen at the most southerly end of Maungmagan Beach. There is a small dam leading to the beach and provides a stunning view back to Maungmagan Beach. Two kilometres before the Myawyik pit you come to a very long beach of sandy beach, totally uncultivated and simply stunning.

Nothing more can be said, only unspoilt nature beach, really breathtaking. The local hot pools are 1km from Maungmagan Village, joining the local people and splashing the waters around. Coconut Guesthouse on Maungmagan Beach, with its beautiful gardens and welcoming managers, makes for a great time. Beacheside Restraunts - All of the side stranded side run families do marvelous eating.

The Maung Magan Beach

The Maungmagan is a nice beach in the Thanintharyi Division. The Maungmagan is a bathing resort ten kilometres from Dawei.

The majority of the village inhabitants practice angling at the seas as a lively traditional activity. Ships are essential for life when it comes to fish. Different size fisher boat are used in this work, but boat mahlay is the most useful in a family's handy fishing. Here are some of the best examples. Small-sized boat mahlay is 18 ft long and is used for angling within 10 NM of the water.

Maungmagan fishers are loading their vessels with groceries and other necessities for one or two day angling by the seaside. Fisherman take a boat out to the open water, according to prevailing conditions.

After they had caught enough at the seaside, they returned happily to their town. Egakunshut (Mackerel Ngaleikkyauk and in the mornings at the maungmagan fishmarket. So Maungmagan Beach is lively, because the fishermen and their fishermen' yachts come back to the beach after a single sleep and prepare to go back to the open water in the afternoons.

Maungmagan's fishers are therefore accustomed to the majesty of the ocean, while skilfully pursuing their traditional livelihood of fish.

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