I' ve hired a motorcyclist to take me from Dawei to Maungman beach and back. Big savings on hotels in Maungmagan, Myanmar online. We' re planning to spend New Year's Eve on Maungmagan beach near Dawei.

The Maungmagan Beach & Village: Dawei's #1 tour of the island

From higher situated caoutchouc orchards give way to the villages, which flow into a panoramic view of slim palms on a long sandy shore. Emerald hills, dark, beige sands, browns, blue sky and powdered cloud reflecting in the shimmering clear waters and sparkling whitewashing ripples bouncing off cliffs and cliffs.... it is a magnificent backdrop.

Maungmagan was also one of the major British and governmental sandy areas in times of war. Loving the backdrop to the mountains on the shore! Even more backward than under-developed, Maungmagan maintains an unspoiled calmness, both modest and magnificent. Continuing along the shore is a village of fishermen, which can be reached on walking or by car.

Away from the sea, for me, in this scenic water desert, it was all about the children. It' a lot of children on a trailer, no biggie! The children of tractors ride into the sundown! At the edge of Maungmagan Bay are several hot spring wells. Maugmagan has created my top destination in Myanmar with a nice shore and a nice fishermen town.

Have you enjoyed Maungmagan Beach & Village? Dawei's #1 tour?

Best Hotels & Accommodation available in Maungmagan, Myanmar

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