Maung ma kan Resort

Make ma can Resort

The many rooms here are simple but large and have TV and refrigerator, but no Wi-Fi. Coming to Maung Ma Kan Beackh (locals and foreigners). The Baan Ma Feung Guest House. Nabule or San Maria Bay. Keik-kha mi, Maung-ma-kan and Sat-se beaches have already been discovered.

Just a good Maungmagan Beach Resort - Review of Maung Magan Beach Resort, Dawei, Myanmar

From Dawei it is 30 to 40 min to the city. Don't anticipate checking into this property early, as you won't be able to check in until 1 pm. A rich and varied breakfasts are served and a neat and well-run menu is provided. All in all, this is the only nice and respectable beach resort in Maungmagan Beach.

Best sights in South Burma

Myanmar's icons are probably the Pagoda, but the land has more to show for every traveller. A Myanmar traveler' s paradise with unmistakable character, with jagged peaks in the far northern, pristine southern isles and the huge Yangon River valley, Irrawaddy provides the variety of outdoors. Southern Burma is cultural wealth and many-sided.

The coastline from Kawthaung to the pulsating town of Yangon has its own unique charms, which are largely unknown and yet very inspiring. TheseĀ are the most noteworthy places in the area that you should explore in southern Burma. The island divides the Thai frontier with the waters of Thailand and connects the Irrawaddy River valley with the remainder of southern Burma.

Myanmar exploration is one of the most sought-after adventures as you have the best opportunity to see the unspoilt oceans with its wonder of nature and the Lampi Marinepark. The Mergui Archipelago is now included in the list of destinations in Asia in 2018. The Hpa-An has a mixture of impressive caverns, a wonderful sea, a singular convent and scenic paddy fields.

Hpa-An is very appealing for Photography trips, not only because of the scenery, but also because of the possibility to take great pictures. One of the most important goals when it comes to the best Myanmar centres for mediation is Mawlamyine. Mawlamyine, from the holy hill with centuries of Buddha sculptures to the tranquil scenery, from the artful UK Folk Art Gallery to the Mon State Culture Museums, is a great place for adventures in the south of Myanmar.

Maung Ma Kan, Nabule or San Maria Bay. It'?s not complete not to speak of Golden Skirt for a journey to Myanmar. Myanmar offers a spectacular backdrop to this spectacular place: a magic cliff that seems to resist the force of nature by sitting in a balanced position on the cliff. Each year, million of Buddhists come to the Golden Rocks to stick the golden sheets on the sacred rocks.

Formerly the capitol of the Burmese kingdom, Yangon is the country's most developed town. It is a very interesting place to begin your journey in Myanmar. At Yangon you have the opportunity to experience the old and the modern: the magnificent sideboard of Shwedagon, constructed about 15 hundred years ago, pale English architecture and rapidly evolving outbuildings.

It is also a place of culture where China, India and Burma are living in perfect balance.

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