Maung ma kan Beach Hotel

But he can do Beach Hotel

Inexpensive pensions Yangon, hotels Hpa-an, Kawthaung and more. MA CAN BEACH RESORT. Locate some of the world's most beautiful unspoilt beaches nearby. Have a break and relax at Mandolis Resort and Restaurant. All the rooms here are simple but spacious and have TV and refrigerator, but no Wi-Fi.

Penniless hotel in best situation - review of Maung Magan Beach Resort, Dawei, Myanmar

Rooms: almost everything is busted, from the curtains to the showers, but the TV works, but mainly has Lao and Thai canalisation. There are leaks on the beach when it is raining.

The electric showers have blank cabling. Personnel: some are kind, but most have visited the Basil Fawlty School for hoteliers. Obviously the visitors are a great discomfort and the hotel would run much smoother without them. Hotel beach: nice, but they have to keep it tidy.

Going fifty metres to the south, on the light side, you come to the beach of the town, which is much clean.

Internal flights from Yangon to Dawei; on your arrivals our agent will welcome you and take you to your hotel.

Internal flights from Yangon to Dawei; on your arrivals our agent will welcome you and take you to your hotel. After a refreshing tour we begin in Dawei, the former Tavoy of Myanmar, the former colonization of the Thanitaryi Divison. We will be accompanied by your tour leader to the city centre to see some of the city' s best preserved architectural monuments. We will continue to the Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda and the Paya Gyi Museums, where many old Buddha paintings, vases, bronze medals, and large old Buddha wood paintings have been exhibited.

After lunch we shall be visiting the 74 metre long lying Buddha and the viewpoint of Sapar Taung to admire the panorama views over the surroundings of the town and the sundown. We' ll be preparing for our journey to Maungmagan Beach before heading towards the beach area, visiting a lively riverfront fair where the locals are engaged in everyday living and sell veggies, household produce and various fish.

We stop briefly on the way to the beach when we arrive in the town to attend the elementary schools of the town and to see the schoolteachers. The remainder of the daily is your own free time on the beach - enjoying the ocean, the sundown and the sands.

On the way we make a brief stopover in the small city of Palaw, the small part of the Dawei tribes and renowned for fishing produce and other forestry work.

As soon as we arrive in Palaw, it is almost two thirds of the journey and we drive on to Mycek over the gentle southern Myanmar hill. Enjoying the verdant and scenic countryside, we can make brief stopovers on the way to a quiet countryside of rice paddies, secluded countryside and everyday life.

Upon your arriving in Myeik, you will be transferred directly to your hotel and the remainder of the afternoon is at your free disposal! Excavation begins today with the largest fishmarket in the area where Myeik's largest economy is located. Afterwards we will drive to the river bank, where many small fishermen' yachts lie on the slimy river bank, we will go on a small privately owned wood vessel to the Pahtaw Phatet Islands with the large Buddha on the ground and the small shrimp farming workplace.

We are constantly visiting the shipyard, where you will see man-made man-made fishermen' s vessels in traditional woodwork. To Myeik we drive back and drive along Theindawgyi Street with old convents, where the locals meditated and in the evenings we enjoyed the panorama views and the breath-taking sundown over the Phayargyi Pagoda isles.

Following hotel breakfasts in the mornings, the vehicle and guidebook are available for your shuttle to the pier for a river up to Tanintharyi River. It takes about 3.5 hrs, but don't get tired, because you will be caught up and down by the way the locals live on the way, as the boats make every stop in a hamlet, they are engaged in trade locals produce (carrying cargo) and the food sellers (sellers) are going up and down.

The legendary Tanintharyi was invaded by the colonising power after the first Anglo-Burmese war in 1824. Tanintharyi Division was named after this small hamlet of Tanintharyi because it was once the capitol of the south of the island. Upon arriving in the hamlet, we set off to visit the nearby rural college; your tour leader will take you to the old city centre with mail, cable service and the tower.

The return to Myeik takes place in the afternoons by jeep through the rice paddies and the area of the Thatch palms to Myeik. Upon your arriving in Myeik, you will be transferred directly to the hotel for a refreshing meal. After your check-in at Kawthaung airport, our representatives will take you to your hotel.

In the afternoon we will have a brief visit to the area where there are many regional bars, pubs, restaurants and teas. Afterwards we can have a look at the bustle of the Thai markets with locals working with a wide range of Thai imports.

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