Maung ma kan Beach

Make ma can beach

The Maungmagan is a seaside resort ten miles from Dawei. I saw the beautiful color of the water on Maungmakan beach. There are several public buses from Dawei to the southernmost end of the peninsula and to the main beach of Maung Ma Gan. Many congratulations to Zinmar and her friendly team on the official opening.

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I saw the nice colour of the waters at Maungmakan beach. It was taken just before the rains (you could see the dark cloud over the whole sea). Sometimes the beach looks quite dark but it is untouched and spacious. There''s no good place to sleep (there are a few homes to hire, but you have to make arrangements with the owner in Dawai), so many folks have done it for a outing.

There are excellent fish dishes in the local cuisine, especially in the Anku restuarant, and the kind owners are a good resource for visitors to the area.

The Maungmagan Beach

The Maungmagan is a wonderful beach 12 km from Dawei (also called Maung Ma Gan or Maung Ma Kan beach), with a wonderful views of the mountains that rise directly from the coast. This beach became famous after a trip by Emperor Alung Si Thu of Myanmar's first Myanmar empire, who came to southern Myanmar during his attempt to invade Lower Thailand.

During this journey his firm has been spending a lot of quality in Maungmagan Beach and since then the name is indispensable. The Maungmagan was England's principal beach for refreshments. Since then, the local people have taken the beach as their prime holiday area. They like to play soccer on the beach and swim in hoses on the canal.

But Maungmagan is not like the more touristy Bengalese Gulf beach. Maungmagan area is mainly inhabited by fishers. You use different size fishermen' s vessels, but Boatmahlay is the most useful in a family's small fish. During one or two day trips to the seaside, the Maungmagan community's fishers are loading their vessels with groceries and other relief items.

You can find different kinds of seafood like Kettabaung shark, Egakunshut etc. at the Moungmagan Fishmarket in the mornings. The beach of Moungmagan is rather underdeveloped and serves especially the inhabitants of Dawei and therefore the beach is very calm during the week. The beach of Moungmagan has only a few small diners.

And the best of them is Maung Ma Kan Resort (on the beach). The Coconut Guest House and Restaurant (500 metres behind the beach) is more suitable for foreigners. To Maungmagan Beach a tuq-tok takes about 45 min. from the center of Dawei and costs K10,000. The Maungmagan is best used as an accommodations basis from where you can discover the other beautiful northern and southern sands.

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