Myanmar is a place with a very small population in Shan State, Myanmar, on the continent of Asia. Map, nearby places and general information about Maukme. Find out why Taunggyi Maukme Thanaka from southern Shan State is sold as a paste. The MAWKMAI (Burmese Maukme), one of the largest states in the eastern partition of Burma's southern Shan state. Taunggyi Maukme Thanaka from southern Shan State is a newer candidate sold as a paste.

Greetings to Golden Myanmar

The Thanakaka ( "spelt thanakha") is a yellowish-white cosmetics compound made from crushed rind. Deployment of the plant has also been extended to neighbouring states, Thailand included. King Razadarit's wife wrote the oldest mention of the city in a poetry from the fourteenth c... There are also references to the name of Tanaka in the literature of the Myanmar monks writer Shin Maharatthasara (1486-1529).

Multi-tree timber can be used to make thinaka creams; these plants are abundant in the heart of Myanmar. Among these are mainly Murraya ppp (Thanaka), but also Limonia sppissima ("Thee" or "Holzapfel"). Both are Shwebo and Shinmadaung of Sagaing Division.

Taunggyi Maukme Theaka from the Shan State in the south is a newer candidate that is being marketed as a past. Tanaka are herbaceous plants and a plant must be at least 35 years old before it is ripe enough to produce high grade cutting. In its untreated state, thinaka is offered either as a single product or in a bundle, but today also as a past or in pulverized state.

A thinaka creme is made by sanding the rind, lumber or root of a thinaka with a small amount of moisture on a round plate of rock named Kieauk pyine, which has a canal around the edge into which the moisture can flow. For over 2000 years, Myanmar woman have used thinaka creams.

It is a creme-based face cream applying in appealing patterns, the most frequent being a round spot on each cheeks, sometimes striped or figured in the pattern of a sheet with the finger known as ganaka be ya, often emphasising the nasal ridge.

You can use it from top to bottom (Thanaka Cha Qi Coun Goun Guung Zoun). Besides its cosmetical aesthetics, it also gives the skin a cool feeling and protects it from the sun. Courmarine and marmesine are the main substances of thanaca. Today Thanakha is packed in the shape of a thick, dried crème or dust that is practical and comfortable to wear.

Thanakha has been worn for generation after generation. Everyone likes to bathe Thanakha after a long, strenuous days and let us feel cold, scented and soothed. However much contemporary beauty and make-up is available in the world today, the Thanakha is still a favorite beauty of Myanmar ladies from all areas of the world.

It is also very usual for little boy to wear danakha. Through the application of Tanakha to the child's body, all kids have become adults and have been intimately involved since they were kids. THANAKAKA ribbons meeting in Sittwe is a folk festival on the evening before the water festival, ie Thingyan.

Thanakha bark and root are ground into a delicate crème on early evening in the early evening of the evening of Chingyan, when young ladies mill them together with a splash of hot and cold running tapioca on round plates of pebble. As soon as the Thanakha is finished, all go to the near palagodas and launder the Buddha pictures with him as a New Year's good act.

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